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10 Ways to Feel Youthful and Say Goodbye to Aging

Age is nothing but a number. You are as young as you feel. These are just some of the sayings we all hear about the aging process from time to time. But really, age is irrelevant. Because above all else, you really are as young, energetic and vibrant as you feel. Yes, you may be in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, or 60+, but that doesn’t mean you should feel or act or look a certain way. If you want to fight off the aging process as best as you possibly can, it’s time to take back control of your body and make yourself feel youthful again. After all, you only live once.

10 ways to feel youthful at any age -

Run More

Exercise is so beneficial to the aging process. Not only can you ensure that your body can cope a little better as you start to get older, but you will always feel your best. Being naturally passionate about working out doesn’t have to be a myth, you just need to find the right kind of workout for you. Running is a good option. All you need is a pair of sneakers, and you’re good to go. Get outside, feel your feet on the ground, and reap the benefits this activity has on your body.

And if running isn’t the best for you, walking is a great alternative. Going for a brisk walk regularly is beneficial to your health and can help you feel great physically and mentally.

Book a Girls Trip!

Going on a girls trip doesn’t have to be reserved for your twenties or even your thirties. There are so many reasons why you should prioritize a girls trip, regardless of your age. When you get together with the girls, you can kick start your energy levels, laugh a lot, and care less about how you look and how your body feels. In short, they can make you relax and keep you feeling youthful. And that’s all that matters.

10 ways to feel youthful at any age -

Engage in Youthful Activities

Kids keep you young. Although you definitely need ‘Mommy time’ and conversations with adults to keep you sane, it’s that blessed time that you spend with your children (or grandchildren) that can keep your youth alive. From having fun with them outside to participating in high-spirited activities and games, when you’re enjoying time with them and laughing, you feel a lot happier and younger. Spending time with your children is definitely the epitome of being as young as you feel.

Eat Well

If you’re starting to feel the effects of aging on both your body and your energy levels, pay attention to what you eat. Sometimes, you can really improve your vitality by honing in on your diet. You can certainly slow down the visible signs of aging by eating right too.

10 ways to feel youthful at any age -


There are so many anti-aging foods available, like avocados, chickpeas, and salmon, so make sure your diet has a good amount of them. It might not be the most exciting or cutting edge way to control the aging process, but it’s tried and tested and can make a considerable difference to the way you look and feel.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Following on from the idea of food is hydration. Again, it’s nothing new or exciting, but it’s a crucial component to helping yourself look and feel youthful. When you ensure that your body is properly hydrated, not only will you have more energy, you’ll sleep better – which means that your body can get its nightly repairs done quickly and more efficiently.

Water is also excellent for your skin. When your hydration levels are on point, your skin is plumper, and your natural radiance will shine through. If you have fine lines or even adult acne that can make your skin look dull, water can help reduce the appearance of both.

10 ways to feel youthful at any age -

Get Dressed Up

There’s nothing like a fun night out to make you feel fantastic. Whether you plan a date night with your boo or a dinner with the girls, getting all dolled up can keep you feeling young and fresh. Think back to when you were younger and would go out and have a good time…you may have been wearing an outfit you love, your hair and makeup were done the way you like it, and you were just out letting your hair down. So, why would you let this activity from your youth die? Revive your ability to get dressed up, and you’ll feel like you’re turning back the clock in a flash.

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Help Out

Working with kids can be an incredible experience in life. I work with kids for a living and it’s like getting to play all day! Even if you have a career that doesn’t involve children, you can keep connected to that feeling of youth by helping out with a youth group or a club. If you had a passion for dance, drama or even wilderness when you were younger, why not speak to local group leaders and see if they’re looking for a helping hand? When you work with kids, you can keep your youth alive.

10 ways to feel youthful at any age -

Remove the Evidence

When you start to turn back time with how you feel, you may not be totally satisfied if it’s still written all over your face. If you feel great, but a hard life or evidence of a lot of stress is showing on your face, you don’t HAVE to live with it because it can be easily removed. While it’s okay if you have happy memory lines that you’re perfectly fine with, if you choose to turn back time on your face, laser treatments or a minilift might make you feel like yourself again. This option isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but treatments like this exist for those who don’t mind going that route to shave some years off of their appearance.

Try Yoga

Yoga isn’t for everybody, but with so many different forms available, it could be. If you want to relax, allow your mind to switch off, and stretch your tired and achy muscles, yoga could be just what you’re looking for. When you relax, you allow yourself to de-stress and we all know the havoc stress wreaks on your our bodies. So give it a try, it could be all you need to look and feel better.

Love Your Life

Above all else, learn to love your life. If you’re not happy, it could be that you need to think about making some crucial changes. When you’re happy in life, you let go of stress, toxins, and toxic people that could be causing you to age faster. Find a job you love, be in a relationship that makes you truly happy, have hobbies, and most of all, be you!

10 ways to feel youthful at any age -

-Marsha 💋

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