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3 Adrenaline Pumping Exercises to Help You Stay Fit

Exercise is something that we all need in our daily routine. However sometimes doing the same old thing can get a little boring. Luckily, there are some fun ways of injecting a little excitement into your workout routine that will get your adrenaline pumping. Keep reading to find out what they are!

Get that Adrenaline Pumping!


Parkour’s motto is ‘always move forward’Parkour is a body conditioning exercise that is based on the idea of using the body to get from one place to another in the most efficient manner. Although most people have heard of it, Parkour still remains something that a lot of people haven’t tried. This is probably because it’s associated with dangerous heights and extreme physical fitness.

However, Parkour doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, you are very much in control of the moves you do and the route you take. That means you can challenge yourself right away for that instant adrenaline buzz, or take your time to build up your conditioning and stamina before moving onto the more difficult stuff. Something that makes it a great choice for a variety of fitness levels.

3 Adrenaline Pumping Exercises to Help You Stay Fit -


Cycling is another good choice for people who are looking for additional excitement in their fitness routine. It is often a fast sport and, depending on the discipline you choose, you may face many different challenges and tests.

For example, mountain bikers will often face hidden obstacles, steep gradients, and uneven ground. That is why they need specially designed mountain bikes with enhanced suspension. Whereas bikers that choose to ride in an urban setting face the issue of traffic lights, large vehicles, and being able to move around static traffic. That is why they often use fixies. Check out these best single speed bikes on online to see what I mean.

Cycling also makes a good choice because it can be done practically anywhere in most locations and environments. Getting set up on a bike, at least at a beginner level, is relatively inexpensive too.

3 Adrenaline Pumping Exercises to Help You Stay Fit -

Iron Man/Woman Competition

There’s nothing like introducing some serious competition into your exercise regimen to really get your adrenaline pumping, and a sport that is particularly good for this is the discipline of the Iron Man/Iron Woman Competition.

Before you ask, yes it is as tough as it sounds because you have to do three sports to compete. These are running, biking, and swimming all of which you will complete back to back. That means you will need equipment for all three, including a bike before you can compete. With all that needed, that can make it a rather expensive choice for your exercise routine.

It’s also good to know that the swimming part is usually in open water and you will be timed for the entire race. Even the parts where you are getting in and out of your swim gear, so you need to be pretty speedy throughout the competition. Of course, this is one of the things that makes it, so adrenaline packed and fun, apart from the thrill of the competing with those around you. Both aspects make Iron Man competitions the perfect choice for anyone that is bored with their current routine.

3 Adrenaline Pumping Exercises to Help You Stay Fit -

Which of these would you try to get your adrenaline pumping?

– Marsha 💋