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3 Reasons Why Exercise Is Also Good For Your Mind

Good health is the number one priority of most people. You want to be within your ideal body weight range, eating healthy food, and being physically active enough so that you don’t see a scary number if you ever set foot onto a body fat monitor. However, more recently the emphasis has not simply been on good physical health, but also on mental health. Whereas the health of our mind was once a taboo subject and something that many people would feel embarrassed about, we are now being encouraged to speak out and seek help if we feel we are struggling. With the emergence of celebrities openly discussing their issues with depression, anxiety, and addiction, us normal folk are more inclined to accept that it’s okay to ask for help.

3 Reasons Why Exercise Is Also Good For Your Mind -

This is where the exercise plays an important role. While you may think a thirty minute run on the treadmill simply elevates your heart rate and provides you with a great cardio workout, it does so much more. Take a look at these reasons why exercise is good for your mind as well as your body.

Exercise for Body & Mind

1. Exercise Gives You Renewed Focus

Whether you are suffering from anxiety or panic attacks, immersing yourself in any form of physical activity will give your mind something new to focus on. Mental health issues can leave us feeling unmotivated, disengaged with life and low. We can become stuck in a rut and unable to see any form of light at the end of the tunnel.

By heading outdoors, jogging, hiking or simply walking around our local area, we can soak up the natural rays of the sun and allow ourselves a little bit of respite. It’s amazing how your mind can become full of negative and destructive thoughts. But by breaking out of a routine and embarking on some physical activity, whether it’s walking, martial arts, or sailing, you are giving your body and your mind something positive to focus on.

3 Reasons Why Exercise Is Also Good For Your Mind -

2. The Happy Hormone

It’s scientifically proven that exercise stimulates the release of endorphins, our happy hormone. This lifts our mood and helps put us in a more positive frame of mind. For those who have undergone a physical trauma or have recently had surgery, physical exercise may be one way in which we recover.

However, if you venture to a center that specializes in rehabilitation services, you’ll undergo physical therapy which promotes your mental and emotional well-being as well as your physical recovery.

3 Reasons Why Exercise Is Also Good For Your Mind -

3. Seeing Results

Combined with a balanced diet, exercise can be the ultimate way to de-stress, re-motivate, and inspire. Although your goal may be to improve your physical well-being, as you see the pounds drop off and your fitness level improve you will inevitably feel more confident and mentally stronger. With an exercise routine, renewed focus, and endorphins surging through your body, you will see the benefits of exercise and understand why it’s good for your state of mind as well.

3 Reasons Why Exercise Is Also Good For Your Mind -


– Marsha 💋