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4 Things that Affect Air Quality & Health and How to Improve Them

The air that we breathe is something few of us give much thought to because we have the luxury of not thinking about it. It’s just the air; neither good nor bad, just a basic essential to being alive. Unless you live in a city constantly under a blanket of smog, there’s a good chance air quality isn’t even something you have thought about on any meaningful level.

That is a problem. Air quality is absolutely essential. Did you know that the World Health Organization (WHO) believes it to be one of the biggest threats to human health? They also estimate that 92% of the global population lives in an area where the air quality is below that which is deemed to be safe. 92%! That’s almost everyone!

4 Things that Affect Air Quality & Health and How to Improve Them -

It’s not just the outdoor air quality that is a concern, either. Did you know you could unknowingly be poisoning the air inside your home? It’s definitely time to delve deeper and breathe in some unpleasant realities that might have serious consequences for our health.

Air Quality Killers

Cigarette Smoke

Okay, let’s get the most obvious toxin out of the way – cigarette smoke. While it’s less of a problem in public areas since it’s not allowed in most places, if you smoke indoors – or live with someone who does – then it’s a problem. A big problem.

4 Things that Affect Air Quality & Health and How to Improve Them -

Try to persuade all the smokers you know to transition to vaping, which is nowhere near as harmful to health while still providing the nicotine rush they crave. With the likes of Vapor Essence accessories and a careful plan to wean off the tobacco and onto the vapor, this could make a huge difference to health. Besides, who wants lung cancer? I think it’s also important for smokers to think about the reason(s) why they smoke in the first place and try to address those issues.

Other Indoor Toxins

So no cigarette smoke, no worries about indoor air quality, right? Wrong! All those scented candles we all love (myself included) could be harming our health. Same for cleaning products, room fragrance sprays, and even heated essential oil diffusers.

If you want to scent your home in a healthy way, then using homemade vanilla essence is one of the best ways to go. It might not be the most exciting fragrance in the world (definitely not my favorite), but it’s definitely the safest. Or you can boil natural herbs and essences to give your home a nice aroma.

4 Things that Affect Air Quality & Health and How to Improve Them -

If you’re a candle lover like me, soy candles are much better for you than those made with paraffin, which most of our favorite commercial brands are. Soy candles burn cleaner and longer and are made from natural vegetable sources instead of gasoline by-products. Yuck! These candles are a bit more costly, but not as much as medical bills if you don’t take care of yourself.

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If you like to diffuse essential oils to scent the air, opt for a diffuser that doesn’t heat the oil. Heating essential oils changes the chemistry of the oil which cancels out the therapeutic effects. I personally use this ultrasonic diffuser with essential oils for fragrance and therapeutic use.

4 Things that Affect Air Quality & Health and How to Improve Them -

The Diesel Debacle

Moving on to outdoor air quality, the diesel emissions scandal of 2016 is a huge issue that must be tackled. Numerous manufacturers effectively lied about how efficient their vehicle emissions were, making outdoor air quality all the more dangerous. Diesel, which was once hailed as the savior of the car industry, actually seems to be more polluting to air quality than standard gas.

Therefore, when you’re driving through the city, keep the windows up. Your car’s air conditioning should have a setting that lets you recirculate existing air through the car.  Use it. These are small measures but given the scale of the problem, it’s better to be doing something than nothing.

4 Things that Affect Air Quality & Health and How to Improve Them -

The Poison of Perfumes

There are many chemicals found in perfumes that are far from good for our health. While you don’t need to worry about occasional use, regular users should avoid spraying perfume directly onto their neck area. Instead, spray it onto your wrists, turning the spray away from your face to avoid excessive inhalation. Using perfume oils that you roll on to your skin are better for this as well because there’s no spray to inhale. Just be sure to wear the perfume instead of letting it wear you.

4 Things that Affect Air Quality & Health and How to Improve Them -

Some of these changes might be difficult to make for some, but you only get one set of lungs. Take good care of them!

What’s one change you can make to improve your air quality?

– Marsha 💋