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4 Tips to Apply Lipstick Perfectly Every Time

Lipstick is one of my favorite makeup items that I rarely leave the house without. If you consider yourself to be a lover of makeup, then there’s a fair chance you have plenty of lipsticks in your life, like I do. And who could blame you? Certainly not me!

Lipstick has the power to change the way you look more than any other makeup. You can dial it down with subtle nude shades or turn up the volume with loud reds and bold pinks. Then there’s blushes, eyeshadow, and highlights…oh my! 

Okay, so we can all agree that lipstick is fabulous. Or, at least, it should be but it’s not alway as simple as just swiping it across your lips and heading out the door. If you want to get the perfect look the first time, every time, then you will find these hints and tips helpful!

4 Tips to Applying Lipstick Perfectly Every Time -

Have you ever found yourself applying your newest lippie, looking into the mirror, and realizing you’re not quite getting the result that you were hoping for? Or maybe you applied it perfectly in the morning, then realize that by 11am, there’s just about nothing left on your lips at all? Been there, done that. Here are 5 steps to ensuring that things truly go smoothly each time!

Apply Lipstick Perfectly With These Tips

Tip #1: Know Your Foundation

By foundation, I’m talking about the canvas for your lipstick: those luscious lips! The shape of our lips is not always neatly defined and everyone’s lips are different. Sometimes, one side of our lips or even one lip will be bigger than the other – completely naturally.

Other factors that affect shape and size would be what’s behind your lips. For example, if you are missing teeth, have dentures, invisible braces or any other kind of work on your teeth, these too can affect the way your lips look.

In this case, especially for beginners, it’s good to work on perfecting the art of drawing your lip shape of choice on. Use an invisible (nude) lip liner and trace an outline that is symmetrical, ensuring you maintain a strong cupid’s bow. Then wipe it off and try again, and again, and again… you get the idea. Practice getting the outline looking the way you like, symmetrical or not. This will make all the difference when it comes to your finished look.

Tip #2: Exfoliate

When you’re comfortable with the outline you have created, prepare your lips by exfoliating them. This is such an important step, especially for mattifying lipsticks because they tend to show all details of your lips. Dry cracked lips aren’t cute to begin with and definitely not a good look under lipstick. It’s very important to start the application process with a clean, smooth slate.

4 Tips to Applying Lipstick Perfectly Every Time -

Sugar dipped in coconut oil is an easy at-home option, or even a clean dry toothbrush can do the job in a pinch. Scrub away and remove the top layer of dead skin so you have an even surface to apply color onto.

Tip #3: Moisturize

This is also a very important step that takes just a couple seconds. Apply your favorite lip balm after exfoliating. My personal favorite is the eos lip balm. Don’t rush to apply your lip color right after moisturizing though – give it time to settle in, then blot away any excess before moving on to color.

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Applying lipstick too soon after may affect how well it applies and how it looks. It can also make it difficult for the lip color to adhere to your lips. This alone will significantly impact the longevity of your color.

4 Tips to Applying Lipstick Perfectly Every Time -

Tip #4: Build the Color Slowly

You can’t just slap some lip color between your drawn outline (if you used a liner) and expect it to look good or last all day. It’s best to apply several thin layers, remembering to blot between each layer of color. This is especially true for liquid lipsticks. If you have too much color on the wand there’s a good chance it won’t turn out the way you want it to. Applying thin layers will build the color reliably while also making it more likely to last longer throughout the day.

There you have it! 4 easy tips to the perfect lipstick application! Some lipsticks last longer than others throughout the day so I typically just put my lippie of the day in my purse in case I have to touch it up later on.

What’s your favorite lip color?

– Marsha 💋


4 thoughts on “4 Tips to Apply Lipstick Perfectly Every Time

  1. I love the sugar dipped in coconut oil tip to exfoliate your lips. So simple. And I can see how it would work just fine!

  2. I’m a huge fan of darker and moodier reds and browns! I didn’t know I was supposed to blot after application- I’ll be sure to do that next time!

    1. Some lipsticks don’t require blotting but it also depends on how you like it to look. I prefer a less shiny look so for those lipsticks I blot to tone it down a bit. Try and see if you like it 🙂

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