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7 Funny Things About Curly Hair

I am part of a few great blogging groups on Facebook and decided to join a blogging challenge that was presented in one of the groups this week! Given a writing prompt, I had to fill in the blank following the words “7 funny things about _____” and create a post centered around that title. One of the first things that popped into my head that I could certainly create a list around was curly hair! It’s something I (and many other naturally curly sisters) deal with on a daily basis and although we have fun with it, it certainly has it’s quirks!

7 funny things about curly hair -

1. Hair Pins Get Lost Easily 🔍

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve neatly placed hair pins in my hair for a cute up do or bad hair day hairstyle only to be short a pin or two when taking it down later in the day. No lie, I once found the missing pin the next day while washing my hair. I knew it would reveal itself at some point but the next day?!?! Curly hair eats pins like the dryer eats socks, apparently.

2. Your Man Can’t Run His Fingers Through Your Hair 💆🏽

You know those sweet or romantic moments when you’re snuggling with your boo and he caresses your head and begins running his fingers through your hair from root to end? Well, I don’t. Not because I don’t want to or that it doesn’t feel good. It’s a very sweet, loving gesture. But the way my curly hair is set up…his hand won’t get very far before the curls wrap themselves around his fingers, trapping his hand in there like a hairpin in a ‘you gon’ learn today!’ kind of way (in my best Kevin Hart voice). Maybe opt for a foot or back rub instead.

3. Your Weather App is Your Friend 🌦

Curly hair can be very temperamental and sometimes the slightest change in weather can make a huge difference. I can use the same products in my hair for 5 consecutive days and have different outcomes due to changes in humidity, dew point, or temperature alone. As a matter of fact, there are some curly hair products that are best used in high humidity versus cold, dry air and vice versa. For example, it’s best to use products with humectants (ingredients that keep moisture balanced in the hair and skin) when the dew point is just right. Who knew you’d have to study meteorology to achieve a good hair day?!

7 funny things about curly hair -

4. Getting Food in Your Hair is a Good Thing 🥑

Taking care of your curls is so important and should include regular deep conditioning treatments. There are many products in the stores for that purpose but you can also whip up a bomb conditioner in the comfort of your kitchen! Depending on what your purpose is, be it moisture or strengthening, you can be mixing, whipping, or mashing foods like eggs, mayonnaise, avocados, or bananas (to name a few) and adding them to your favorite conditioner and/or oils like olive oil or coconut oil. It feels, and sometimes smells, weird sometimes when you slather it all in your hair but the results can yield shiny, bouncy curls that are poppin’ for days!


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5. Products Galore 🛍

Finding the right products for YOUR curly hair is a trial and error process. It can be frustrating and can get pretty expensive. But it can also get a little addictive. New products come out all the time and you’re going to want to try almost all of them at some point. I would venture to say that the average curly girl has a mixture of tried and true bottles of “holy grail” products as well as half-empty, barely used products that just didn’t make the cut.

6. These Curls Ain’t Loyal! 😕

Every day is a new day in the world of curls. Some curly girls give their manes a name because they have their own identity and personality. Curly hair may or may not cooperate from day to day so you say a little prayer to your curly god mother as you shampoo, condition, rake, shingle, and scrunch hoping for a good, selfie-worthy hair day.

7 funny things about curly hair -

7. Everybody Wants to Touch Your Hair 🙅🏽

I mean, I guess you can’t blame them when your curls are perfectly poppin’. The thing is, if you haven’t already figured it out, we curly girls work very hard to achieve a good wash n go, twist out, rod set, or whatever style we choose to wear that day. It’s flattering when other’s take notice and compliment the results. But to many of us, our curly tresses are like an extension of our physical bodies that also require personal space. Wanting to touch our coils is understandable, but please don’t touch without asking first. Mmmkay?

7 Funny things about curly hair -

Feel free to share this post and tell me in the comments what else you’d add to the list!

 -Marsha 💋

32 thoughts on “7 Funny Things About Curly Hair

  1. Love your post.

    I have naturally curly hair too and in my younger years, I hated it.

    Now that I’m older, I have embraced and love my natural curls.

    1. I didn’t like my curls when I was younger either! I spent years straightening it until I finally embraced it as an adult 🙂

  2. Haha! Very funny post. I recently big chopped and I know I hate when people try to touch my TWA. Lol! I would add “Always having a spritz bottle handy to add moisture and revive the curls”.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it Vany! Oh I can imagine how interested people are in your hair now that you’ve done the big chop lol! If this were a longer list, I would definitely have included the must have spray bottle 🙂

  3. I’ve been team curly hair for a few months after finally cutting off my relaxed hair and so I’m definitely starting to learn the struggles of the curly life haha!

    1. Congrats on starting your curly hair journey Kayvona! It is a process but try not to get discouraged. It takes a while to learn what your hair likes from what it doesn’t 🙂

  4. Lol, I wouldnt touch you hair because I don’t know you but its so pretty I would want to touch. That is funny, about your man trying to run his hands through your hair, I can see that going all bad and him pulling your hair. LOL Cute but funny points.

  5. I cackled at these curls ain’t loyal! Hahahaaa! I shave my head so I don’t have to fuss with my hair, but my youngest son and daughter have heads full of curls and the spritz bottle is always on deck for moisture control.

  6. Yes! Number #3 is me! Even though I just did another BC but this time it’s a tapered cut my hair still poofs out on top! So now I look like Foghorn Leghorn! LOL!

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