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7 Ways to Prevent the Workout Blues

No, this isn’t about makeup or skincare but taking care of your physical health is a basic beauty essential, just on a deeper level. When you feel better, you look better. Unfortunately, the motivation to workout doesn’t always stick around. I know this first hand. You know the feeling. It’s that overwhelming sense of wanting to do almost anything else but work out. Sometime after you have been diligently maintaining your workout routine for a while, the desire to abandon the whole thing begins to set in. Before you know it, you have downgraded your workout to a day or two per week, and eventually, not at all. It’s that easy.

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7 ways to prevent workout blues - fabletics -

It didn’t begin that way. Encouraged by the toned and svelte version of yourself that you knew was hidden within you, you initially had all the determination you needed to get you going and to keep you on course. The difficulty has been in keeping that zeal. That’s where a few tips can make all the difference. Intended to push you (and myself) to the finish line, here are seven ways to prevent the workout blues:

1. Set Realistic Goals

You know those models whose bodies in magazine photos make you feel inadequate by comparison? They don’t even look like that! Can you say Photoshop? So don’t use them as your goal. Instead, set a goal of doing a bit more each day. Whether that is walking or running a little farther, doing a few more reps with your weights, taking the stairs more,  or working that treadmill for an extra minute, these are doable goals that make sticking with them much easier.

2. Ditch Your Scale

The truth is that sometimes scales lie. They tell you nothing has changed when, in fact, developing muscle that replaces fat is a big change. It’s just that muscle weighs more. That’s why we say, “Ditch the daily weigh-ins.” Opt, instead, for once a week or even once a month. The weight loss you see at those intervals will encourage you to stay the course.

3. Build in Rewards

This is my favorite part! Who doesn’t love a treat? When it comes to workouts, a day at the beach, a spa day or a mini shopping spree may well be just the treat you need to chase away the blues and carry on. Reward yourself at preset times for a wonderful pick-me-up. It’s not a good idea, though, to reward yourself with junk food. In my experience, it has caused me to fall off the wagon. So, pick fun and non-food related treats!

4. Look Good Now

That old saying, “When you look good, you feel good” certainly rings true when it comes to workout wear. Buy yourself some fabulous workout gear from a company with beautiful colors and designs such as Fabletics. Then buy a new outfit once a month and you will look good now and later!

7 ways to prevent workout blues - fabletics -

5. Plan a Midway Celebration

The workout blues really begin to settle in when you hit that plateau about midway to reaching your goal. To counter that, plan a celebration and invite your friends to the festivities. The celebratory atmosphere, as well as the compliments you are sure to rake in, will help motivate you to continue your workouts to the end.

6. Get a Workout Buddy

Having a friend join you in workouts provides someone to share the whole experience. From the initial sore muscles to the joy of reaching each milestone, a friend who goes along on the journey makes it much nicer and more enjoyable to keep going. Plus, you can hold each other accountable to ensure you work towards your goals.

7 ways to prevent workout blues - fabletics -

7. Give Yourself a Break, Not a Breakup

Everyone slips up from time to time. It’s human. So give yourself a break. When you miss a workout or binge on your favorite indulgence, enjoy the break. Just don’t break up with your workout routine and don’t beat yourself up about it. Just get back on it the next day or with the next meal.

If you follow these 7 tips, you will beat the workout blues. Your fit new bangin’ body and improved health will be the prize!

7 ways to prevent workout blues - fabletics -


35 thoughts on “7 Ways to Prevent the Workout Blues

  1. I usually try to brisk walk for a
    30 minutes a day if I can between lunch and the 4pm hour. Drinking plenty of water makes a difference in how a feel by 2pm. Thanks for sharing these amazing tips.

  2. Your points 1, 2 and 4 speak to me directly
    It’s important to set goals you can reach. The scale only makes me anxious and discouraged, I believe there are other ways to track your progress which is more encouraging. And sure looking good gives you more energy to do things.
    Great post and thanks for sharing

  3. I need to ditch th scale.. I’m doing the keto diet right now and my hubby has lost 10 lbs and I gained 2.. I’m trying not to get discouraged

    1. Don’t be discouraged Tomiko! I know exactly how you feel. Men have it so much easier because of the way their bodies are. Keep at it and you will see results!

  4. Great information. This reminds I need get back focused on going back to the gym on a constant basis.

  5. I agree with all of these tips. I really need a workout buddy. I need someone to help motivate me when I can’t motivate myself. I do believe in being cute while working out though.

  6. The timing on this article is so perfect. I just returned to the gym this morning from a 2 week hiatus. It was mostly because of my schedule but lack of motivation played a part as well. Setting realistic goals is so important because working out daily is too much for me. I also find having a workout buddy keeps me motivated and engaged as well.

  7. I love this post as it is so important to stay positive about your health! Most people fall off for a few days and decided to totally fall off the wagon but that’s not necessary. The workout clothes posted in this blog have me online searching… so… Thanks for that!

  8. Great tips! Ditching the scale really worked for my wife. She was getting depressed and was losing faith because all she saw were the numbers on the scale. So I told her to just stop focusing on the numbers and start looking at the mirror. It worked!

  9. Great tips! The last one resonated with me and is crucial in my opinion. Sometimes we beat ourselves up after just one slip and never get back to the plan.

  10. I really love this post! I am really working on getting aback into the gym with more consistent and meaningful work outs this year. I made a promise to myself to really do more for me, and these 7 tops are excellent to continue to stay motivated on my journey! Thank you somuch for sharing!
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