About Me


Are you a busy woman who values her health and appearance and loves great beauty products but doesn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it? Well so am I!

My name is Marsha and am a mom and full-time healthcare professional who lives in the metro-Atlanta area. I have two wonderful sons and a yappy little dog (miniature schnauzer) who I love and care for daily. But you know who else needs TLC daily? Me! And so do you! If you are a mom and/or full-time worker, I know you feel me girl!

I am a lover of great beauty and skincare products that work well and don’t break the bank! I have bought so many makeup products and other creams, lotions, and oils for my hair, skin, and nails that to show you my stash would be embarrassing lol! But from my continuous trial and error, product loves and hates, I bring to you this blog where I will be posting reviews on such budget-friendly beauty purchases in an effort to help YOU make an informed decision before you snag them for yourself for your own daily TLC!

I am also on a continuous journey to improve my health and lifestyle through exercise and dieting. I, like most people, fall off the wagon sometimes and may or may not have the motivation to get right back on. However, I usually do at some point. Especially when I see my body getting more fluffy lol. Therefore, I will also be sharing health and wellness information that will be helpful for my myself and my readers. My hope is that it will serve as motivation for you (and me) to live a healthy life all the time. You know what they say, when you know better, you do better!

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Have a great day! 😀

– Marsha 💋