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How to Balance Your Diet by Tasting the Rainbow

The emphasis on the link between good health and a balanced diet has never been stronger than in today’s world of social media where we see Facebook ads on our laptop screens screaming at us to try the new diet craze. Fads will come and go, but one aspect of healthy living that remains is the need for an adequate diet that consists of every color of the rainbow that fuels us, keeps us feeling satisfied and limits cravings for sugar or fat.

Nutritional therapists are quick to point out that this doesn’t mean gorging ourselves on skittles but trying to eat a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables to promote good heart health and reduce our percentage of unhealthy body fat.

Put Some Color in Your Diet!

As our diets have become more reliant on the convenience of fast food, there is a tendency to opt for all things beige. Everyone loves bread, potatoes, and rice. Myself included. Those definitely fall into my category of food weaknesses. But, that starchy carb heavy food doesn’t encompass the nutritional benefits of yellow bell peppers, red tomatoes, green spinach, and blueberries. 

How to Balance Your Diet by Tasting the Rainbow -

So how can you welcome the rainbow into your diet?

Plate It Up

If you make sure that half of your dinner plate consists of at least three different types of vegetables of different colors, you will automatically be tasting the rainbow. How does something like roast chicken with honey roasted carrots, creamed leeks, and a cauliflower gratin sound? I’m feeling hungry already!

By making sure your proportion of vegetables is at least 50% in any meal from a sandwich to a cordon bleu dish, you are gaining the vital vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants that may be missing from your diet.

How to Balance Your Diet by Tasting the Rainbow -

Drink The Rainbow

If you find the idea of eating the rainbow a difficult concept, you can start by making a range of colorful and appetizing smoothies. You can create your own smoothie cocktails using fruits and vegetables of at least three colors in each one.

Tempted by a mango, strawberry and blueberry smoothie? How about a zingy ginger, orange and mint thirst quencher? The possibilities are endless, and it’s much easier to construct a colorful drink than a colorful meal.

 How to Balance Your Diet by Tasting the Rainbow -

Weight Loss

With a shift to a healthier diet should come some weight loss. This is great if you’re trying to shed some pounds if you were a little too indulgent on your summer vacation. However, for some of us, weight loss isn’t so clear cut and it can be difficult to lose weight with diet and exercise alone.

Only after consulting with a doctor should you look into the different range of weight loss pills and supplements that can suppress your appetite, reduce cravings, and promote healthy weight loss. Paired with a rainbow-esque diet and consistent exercise you will be able to lose weight sensibly .

How to Balance Your Diet by Tasting the Rainbow -

You should know by now that your health is the most important thing that you have. To be healthy means you can live life to the fullest and grasp all opportunities as they come your way. Don’t be color blind with your food. It’s time to feel confident in the knowledge that you are embracing the rainbow when it comes to food and that you are leading a healthy, fulfilling life!

Now, go eat a nice colorful meal! 🌈

– Marsha 💋