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Enjoy the Benefits of Fruit Without Necessarily Eating It

Whatever health goals you set for yourself, most people will struggle to get the fruit they need in their diet. In reality, you should aim to have way more than five different fruits and vegetables each day. But, the modern lives people live don’t often make this a realistic way of life. So, to help out with this, I will be exploring some of the best ways to get your fix, with and without actually eating it in this post.

Fruit is a very versatile thing. It comes in loads of different shapes, colors, and sizes naturally. However, sometimes we need a little help finding the best of them.

Ways to Get Nutrients from Fruit


When it comes to fruit products, drinks are one of the best ways to get your fix. There are loads of options out there for you to choose from, all offering different benefits and giving you the chance to choose exactly what you want from them. Below, are some examples of fruity drinks to improve your health:

  • Smoothies have long been one of the most popular ways for people to drop the pounds and get themselves healthy. It also gives us the chance to enjoy some fruity goodness, too. A food processor with the power to make a drink like this is less expensive than they used to be. So, it’s just a matter of doing some research to find the most delicious mixtures you can for your palate and health goals


  • Juicing – Smoothies can often be very filling and will usually count as an entire meal if you’re being careful with your food. For some people, this will mean another type of drink is in order and fruit juices can be some of the best. There are many juicers out there that are designed to help people make their own juices from home.  Just do some research to find ones that match your budget to juice the fruits you like


  • Infused water – One of the biggest problems most people have with drinking regular water is that it’s too bland for them. Otherwise, the health benefits would be so vast to have most of the world drinking water that options like soda would be ignored. With a quick search for the best watermelon flavored water, you should be able to find many options that don’t have any bad nutrients at all. There are definitely a few tastier ways to enjoy a glass of water

Enjoy the Benefits of Fruit Without Necessarily Eating It -

Sometimes, a drink might not be what you’re after when it comes to your fruity cravings and the only thing stopping you from actually eating fruit will be the inconvenience. Unfortunately, when it comes to other healthy options, there aren’t that many to help you here. However, here are some examples that may be worth considering:


Dried Options

  • Dried fruit – Since long before the days of cities, electronics, and other modern tools, dried fruit has been used as a very common way to keep fruit in good condition for long periods of time. Nowadays, though this isn’t really necessary, it does make for a great snack. Without the waste that comes with some other fruit, dried bananas or apples can be a mess-free way to enjoy fruit


  • Fruit bars – If you’re not so worried about the health aspect of your fruit, this is another option that could make your lunch breaks a lot more pleasant. Fruit bars are typically packed with sugar, along with other not so great ingredients. But, there are some brands that have lower levels of sugar added and can be a great way to get in some of those nutrients from the fruit. Not exactly the best way, but it’s an option


  • Vaporization – Unfortunately, society isn’t quite at the point where it’s ready to start vaporizing fruit for consumption. Though it may seem a novel idea, being able to do this with healthy food could provide great benefits to many people. From the poorest to the richest places in the world, people would never have to go hungry if a simple spray could provide all the sustenance they need.


Fruit is a wonderful thing. From providing you with the nutrients and minerals you need, it also tastes great. Sometimes, though, a strict diet won’t give you the chance to add much to your menu. Instead, you have to find some new ways to get the benefits of fruit.

This is just a matter of finding the right products to help you. If you can identify a vitamin, nutrient, or mineral that is missing from your diet, there could be a pill or powder out there to help you. Supplements come in different shapes and sizes, some with capsules made of vegetable or animal products, so it’s worth doing some research before you take any to see which is best for you.

Enjoy the Benefits of Fruit Without Necessarily Eating It -

As you may know, fruit also offers a host of benefits to your body. Everyone knows that it’s good for them, but a lot of people don’t realize quite how much it can do. 

One of the first questions you should be asking when you’re thinking about fruit is why exactly it is healthy in the first place. There are loads of vitamins that support and stimulate your body in different ways. In some cases, fruit will be an excellent way to get these vitamins, like in the case of oranges and vitamin C. 

There foods that contain good fats and some that are sources of bad fats. Of course, though, the fats and sugars in fruits are often the ones you want in your diet. These sorts of nutrients are only bad for you when you have them in excess. Using fruit as your source for certain nutrients gives you a way to snack without feeling guilty.

Most people enjoy at least a handful of different fruits. Even if you don’t like vegetables that much, there are bound to be some examples of the sweeter plants you do enjoy. Getting over the challenge they present is nice and easy, though. So, it should be a matter of enjoying having fruit in your life in some form.

What’s your favorite way to enjoy fruit?

– Marsha 💋