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Beyond The Gym: Excercising At Home And On The Go

The gym is great if you have trouble sticking to a workout routine; it forces you to make good use of your membership if you don’t want to throw money away, and you have trainers on hand to keep you on top of your goals. But sometimes circumstances change that may prevent you from going to the gym as regularly, or at all. Sometimes it’s for financial reasons, your work schedule may change, or you have to go away for a while. Either way, it means that you are now solely responsible for committing to your fitness regimen. It happens, but don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as it sounds. You might not have a treadmill on hand but here are a few exercises you can do at home and anywhere else where you might have time.

Beyond The Gym: Excercising At Home And On The Go -

Exercising Beyond the Gym



Once you’ve discovered the joy of running outdoors, you’ll wonder why you needed a treadmill in the first place. You can run no matter where you are – even in a strange city! You just need to remember where you’ve been to get back to your starting point. Plus, the view is so much better outside than it is in a gym.

Also, adding some fresh air and sunlight into your workout is so much better for your body than running indoors. If you take the right precautions with your outfit, there’s no reason you can’t run in all weather.

Beyond The Gym: Excercising At Home And On The Go -



Whether you choose to do it indoors or out in your garden, yoga has plenty of benefits for your body. Yoga increases your flexibility, improves your muscle strength and tone by incorporating bodyweight training, it boosts your cardio and circulatory health, and enhances your breathing. If you’re not sure you can practice without a teacher to guide you, don’t worry. There are plenty of yoga channels on YouTube so you can workout at a time and experience level that fits your needs.

Beyond The Gym: Excercising At Home And On The Go -



If you’re looking to get into shape and getting toned, you need to do endurance workouts in addition to your usual cardio. One piece of equipment growing in popularity are rep kettlebells, because they can also improve motion and stamina, and they have a better grip for beginners.

However, if you want to gradually increase your weight training, adjustable dumbbells give you a lot of different weight selections for less money than a set of individual weights and they take up a lot less space than a full set. If you can’t take dumbbells where you’re going, a resistance band will provide the same effect in a full-body workout and takes up even less space.

Beyond The Gym: Excercising At Home And On The Go -



Jump rope burns more calories than running (an estimated 1300 calories per hour) and it’s easy to just stick some music on and skip for the duration of three or four songs. Jumping rope is a great exercise to improve muscle tone and targets the thighs, shins, calf muscles and abs. The best part is you can do it anywhere. If the weather is nice you could take your workout to the garden, the beach, or the woods.

Beyond The Gym: Excercising At Home And On The Go -

What’s your favorite way to workout outside of the gym?

– Marsha 💋