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How to Conquer Pimples Without Making Them Worse

No matter your quest for beauty and fashion, you always want to look your best. You might wake up one morning with fuzzy hair and a dry mouth. As you stagger towards the bathroom to brush the morning breath out of your mouth (lol) your eyes eventually focus on your face. You see red, and it’s not anger or smeared makeup (because we all forget to take our makeup off before bed sometimes). You’ve got a spot, a bump, a zit, pimples…whatever you want to call it, and it’s coming up angry! How did this happen though? You haven’t had a bump on your face in a while! The thing is, these suckers are unavoidable.

The Right Way to Get Rid of Pimples


How to Conquer Pimples Without Making it Worse -

We get them for many reasons – oily skin, ingrown hair, blocked pores. These can all cause angry growths on our faces. Truth be told, spots aren’t a big deal at all but their mere presence can be a cause of huge frustration to many women and men. This problem does not discriminate lol! Now, teenagers are likely to get spots due to changing hormones. This also means that pregnant women and anyone undergoing hormone treatment might experience a breakout – that can’t be helped.

What can be helped? Simply put, the best way to beat pimples is to adopt a great  facial and skin care regimen. We want to eliminate blackheads and oily skin because when oily deposits find their way into pores, pimples can grow. Excess oil and dead skin on your face can fall into pores and clog your glands. This is what can cause bumps.

How to Conquer Pimples Without Making it Worse -

Excess oil in your skin can come from your eating habits – oily foods and fatty foods and a bad diet can be linked to poor skin health. What you want to do is exfoliate and wash your face well to get rid of dirt and dead skin at the end of the day.

How to Conquer Pimples Without Making it Worse -

The worst way to deal with pimples is to try to aggressively deal with them. For example, popping sores on your face can spread the sore, if it’s an infection. It can also cause bodily fluids to block up pores and create more pimples. Gross, but true. Also, it’s likely that your hands are going to get dirty, so keep them away from your face! This is for general health as well. If you are constantly touching your face, you are putting dirt on the surface of your face!

Pimples are usually guaranteed to pop up now and again, even if you are in great health. This isn’t much of a problem though so don’t overreact. There are plenty of causes to bumps and even stressing over a bump can lead to a breakout. Deal with it passively through a good diet and a good skincare regimen. At the very least, you should always cleanse, tone, exfoliate, and moisturize your skin. It’s imperative that you use skincare products suited for your skin type. But when you’re treating a breakout, don’t try to force the issue, or issues might force themselves through your face! Sometimes doing too much can be harsh on your skin and make the problem worse.

How to Conquer Pimples Without Making it Worse -

Now, if you have a serious issue with spots and pimples, speak to a doctor or dermatologist. Normally, these issues do resolve themselves thanks to health and good skincare. Just take care of your face, and remember – no touching!

Do you have a solid skin care regimen?

– Marsha 💋

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  1. Yes, I hate having acne, I am prego and 31yrs old and I still get bumps, I finally was able to come up with a regimen that helps me with the bumps and scarring but it is just the worse, especially when being 30 years old, I would think it would stop by now but nope, that’s just life. Nice post.

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