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Create A DIY Spa Day With These Amazing Tips

We all know the feeling of needing to go to a spa to be pampered. You work long hours for, in some cases, for not enough money. Life throws stress and challenges at you day to day, and the one thing that you are excited about for the weekend is the ability to kick back and relax a little. For some, relaxation involves going to the nearest salon for a mani-pedi and a massage. For others, that’s an extravagance that means cutting the budget in places that you don’t want to cut the budget.

It’s one thing to enjoy a hot bubble bath but enjoying a day at the spa is so much better. Well, it is until you see how much cash you have available and realize that the spa day may have to wait.

Or, you could create your own! A spa day doesn’t have to happen at a professional spa, not when there are plenty of inexpensive ways to have your own spa day without spending much money at all!

Create A DIY Spa Day With These Amazing Tips -

You may need to book that massage you so desperately want separately and as a treat once or twice a year, but if you want to enjoy everything else that a spa day has to offer then check out these budget-friendly spa tips below. You could end up having such a good time you’ll never head to a spa again! Ok, maybe. But get your best girlfriends involved and make your spa day choices one to remember.

Budget-Friendly DIY Spa Tips


  • Embrace coconut oil – Yeah, you can cook with it,  but did you know it works as an amazing hair conditioner? You can follow homemade recipes from The Nourished Life, but if you don’t have the ingredients on hand just grab that jar of coconut oil that you keep meaning to cook with. It moisturizes the skin beautifully, smells amazing, and a jar is inexpensive and can last you quite a while.


  • Hair  Your hair needs some attention, so don’t neglect it in favor of your skin. Avocado or egg hair masks like the ones that you can find here are a wonderful way to start your spa routine. Apply it to your hair at the start of your spa night, then wrap your whole head in a warm towel. Give it 20 minutes to work its magic into the roots of your hair before washing out. Neither eggs or avocado are expensive items, which means that they are perfect for your at-home spa day.

Create A DIY Spa Day With These Amazing Tips -

  • Yogurt  Reaching into your refrigerator for a glass of water or juice is necessary for your spa day, but while you’re there, grab the yogurt too. Plain natural yogurt is amazing for the pores, and if you add a dash of honey or a handful of oats, your skin is going to thank you for it.


  • Dry Brushing – Buying a dry brush from any cosmetic or drug store is an important addition to your bathroom and skincare routine. Before applying any masks or scrubs, you can give your whole body a scrub down to reduce the appearance of cellulite and it’s exfoliating. It’s also surprisingly comforting and so good for invigorating your skin. You can remove hair much easier after a good scrub down, too.

Create A DIY Spa Day With These Amazing Tips -

  • Eye treatment – If you’re a lover of tea or cucumber, then you already have what you need in the house to reduce the look of bags under the eyes. Wet tea bags and slices of cucumber make for excitingly cheap ways to give your eyes a refreshed look and reduces puffiness. If that doesn’t work, there’s always hemorrhoid ointment if you have it. I know it sounds weird but this ointment tightens the skin under your eyes, reducing puffiness. Inexpensive treats for the eyes are going to make a huge difference to your overall glow.


  • Treat your hands – If you’re going to go to the nail salon for a manicure or your hands have been going through it with this dry winter weather and constant washing, then you need this hand scrub. Made with lemons and sugar, it doesn’t just exfoliate, it makes your hands smell amazing.


  • Don’t forget your feet – All things are created equal, so if you’re going to be treating your hands, you need to treat your feet too! Soak your feet in a deep bowl with warm water and whatever bath wash that you have to hand. Once you’ve done that, follow it up with a foot scrub to exfoliate the dead skin. For a DIY foot scrub, all you need is coconut oil, sugar, essential oils and a dash of lemon. Once you’ve rinsed the scrub off your feet with running water, add a thick layer of your favorite lotion and wear cotton socks overnight. You wouldn’t believe how beautifully soft your feet will feel the next morning!


Having a spa day isn’t just about having the right products, you need the right ambiance and environment. Tumble dry your towels instead of line-drying, if that’s what you usually do. You’ll create those beautifully soft towels all spas seem to have in abundance.

Do the same with your bathrobe and you can sit and lounge in a little luxury. Light a few candles around the room and if you have scented candles, all the better. You can get various sized candles at your local dollar store or you could make your own . Use empty jars (or old candle jars), soy wax, and a wick through the middle.

Create A DIY Spa Day With These Amazing Tips -

If you have lavender scented essential oils, add a drop or two to the soy max as you melt it down, and you will have a soothing scent to breathe in while you relax. While you’re creating the right environment, make yourself a soothing playlist of chill out songs. You can sit back in a hot bath and enjoy time to yourself without too much effort. Add a homemade banana face mask (you can find recipes here) and while you soak, your hair and face can be led to a soft and supple finish.

As you can see, having a spa day doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Buy a platter of snacks and as you enjoy your indulgence for the day, you can get that spa-feel with the snacks you have in the room.

Create A DIY Spa Day With These Amazing Tips -

Add a glass of cucumber lemon-infused water and you can really feel the benefits as you relax from head to toe. The real question that you have to ask yourself is what you are waiting for because you should be sending out those spa day invites right now!

– Marsha 💋

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