Developing Your Own Style Without Looking at Magazines

When people want to look for a new style, new product, or even new clothing label to add to their collection, it’s not uncommon for them to look at fashion magazines. Magazines have plenty of pictures and information on fashion. It’s the ultimate source of beauty inspiration to many people, but here’s the truth: there are better alternatives!

Tips for Finding Your Style

The Downside to Using Magazines

First, let’s look at some of the downsides to turning to magazines for the sake of beauty inspiration.


  • Everyone will copy the same styles – Magazines are successful because people buy them. If lots of people buy them, then it means lots of people will see the same types of fashion, outfits, makeup styles and they’ll copy them. This means that virtually everything you see in a magazine will in some way become the norm, and this just leads to a really boring beauty lineup.
  • It’s not a creative way to style yourself – There’s a saying that nothing is ever original, but “taking inspiration” is basically copying. If you want to be creative then it’s important to search for your own passions and styles. Don’t look at something in a magazine and assume it’s your preference because you like it. You might just like a certain style because you think it looks nice, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to work for your body, face or hair. If you’re serious about your beauty, then it pays to develop your own style.


Developing Your Own Style Without Looking at Magazines -

  • It costs more money than you think – One of the reasons why these magazines exist is to sell products. Whenever a hot new product comes out, manufacturers use online and magazine publications to expose it to a wider audience. Although the publications usually aren’t paid to write reviews and showcase those products, it does mean that we’re influenced by expensive brands and labels. 


So now that we’ve looked at the downsides of using magazines and “official” publications, let’s take a look at how we can build our own style without spending tons of money or wasting our time.

Try Various Products for Different Results

Products work differently for different people. If you look for the best mousse for fine hair, you’ll come across several different brands that may or may not suit your hair type. As a result, you’ll need to experiment by trying several different products for different periods of time. If you want to try a sample, then you might be able to email or call the company and request a couple of samples to test.

Developing Your Own Style Without Looking at Magazines -

Experiment With Your Look More Often

It’s difficult to find your style if you only look at magazines or rock a single hairstyle/outfit every time you go out. Build up confidence and look for different styles to try out. Do something new each time you go out so that you build up a large wardrobe with plenty of different styles. Sooner or later, your experiments will lead you to develop your own sense of fashion that you connect with and find most comfortable.


Ignore What People Say and Do You

Fashion is all about expressing your personal interests and tastes. If everyone wore the same things and used the same makeup products then we would all look the same! BORING!  Don’t give energy to any rude or negative comments people may make for doing something different.  Stick with the style that makes you feel the most comfortable. People that make fun of you for trying something different are the types that will read magazines and only stick with the trends. So ignore them and their lack of originality.

Developing Your Own Style Without Looking at Magazines -

Join Online Fashion and Beauty Communities

There are plenty of online fashion and beauty communities that are a fantastic free source of inspiration. There will be plenty of pictures, guides, and advice that could help you build up your own style without spending a penny on magazines. Because these communities are on the internet, it means that you’ll be able to interact with other readers to share styles, make friends, and discuss new ideas. This makes the internet a fantastic resource for everything from buying obscure brands of clothing and makeup to developing new ideas together with people all over the world!

Developing Your Own Style Without Looking at Magazines -

– Marsha 💋


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