Happy New Year! Bringing in 2018 in New Orleans!

Hey all! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Can you believe it’s 2018?? Okay, I know I’m a few days late but I traveled to New Orleans for the new year’s weekend and got sick after getting back.😷 But I had so much fun!


Celebrating the New Year in New Orleans!

My boyfriend and I have been planning on going to New Orleans for a while and we finally decided to go for New Year’s Eve. I had never been there before but always wanted to go so I can eat all that good Cajun seafood! He used to live there while he attended college at Xavier, so he was able to take me around to see more than just Bourbon Street and the downtown area.

We stayed at the Courtyard Marriot Downtown/Convention Center because they had one of the very few rooms left of all the hotels in the downtown area that weekend. Partially due to it being new year’s but mainly because of the big Alabama vs Clemson football game (Roll Tide!) that was taking place on New Year’s day. There were tons of people there representing their teams. We even saw many of them on the drive over there with all their team flair on their cars!

The drive from Atlanta to New Orleans was a good 6.5 hours but it wasn’t a bad drive. As long as there’s good music to listen to, it makes the road trip more tolerable. When we got there, our room wasn’t ready yet so we were able to give them our bags while we walked around downtown until they called to let us know the room was ready.

I knew there was going to be quite a bit of walking but the shoes I wore the first day weren’t quite as comfy as I thought they were going to be! They’re not uncomfortable but definitely not made for walking on concrete for 2 hours lol! So, if you’ve never been but plan to go, be sure to bring comfortable shoes!

It was a fun weekend though. The first day the weather was nice…sunny and around 60 degrees. But on new years eve, that all changed. It got so cold so we had to bundle up majorly! We made the best of it though, despite the change in temperature. Among the places we visited were Congo Square (in Armstrong Park), Bourbon Street (of course), ate at Cafe du Monde and the Camellia Grill, visited the Marie Levaeux House of Voodoo, and visited a local black bookstore that my boyfriend used to frequent back in college. That’s where I bought a few really nice accessories.

I could tell you so much about my trip to NOLA but I can actually show you better! I decided to vlog the whole trip and posted it on my Youtube channel! The vlog has 2 parts because I know people don’t like to watch one long video. It highlights the places we went to and food we ate as well as a room tour at the hotel. It was so different but very cozy and had a lot of character!

I also show all the unique accessories I got while I was there. And it all ends on Decatur St. at Jax Brewery where the Fleur de Lis fell at midnight! Take a look and don’t forget to “like” the videos and subscribe to my channel!



– Marsha 💋

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