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Homemade Face Mask Ideas to Make Your Skin Sing

Your face is the one place that the whole world will see on a daily basis. No matter how many scarves you may own, you will always have a part of your face uncovered for the elements to get to. Whether in the sunshine or in the snow, your face is going to be affected by the climate around you. The UV rays of the sun can give you a tan but also cause aging skin damage and the harsh cold winds of winter can leave your cheeks more dry than rosy. This is where a good face mask comes in.

Not everyone is going to have the budget to head for a facial every time their skin feels like it needs rejuvenating, so it makes sense to look around your house for the best ingredients to make your own face masks. You can spend so much less money, use fewer chemicals and go organic for your skin simply by looking in the refrigerator!

Homemade Face Mask Ideas to Make Your Skin Sing -


Sloughing off dead skin cells and exfoliating regularly is a must, but pores still get clogged and your skin type can still change from normal to dry or oily based on the time of the month. No one enjoys walking around with pimples on their faces, so treating yourself to a homemade face mask once a week can do so much for you. Not only that, but it’s a treat that can make you feel fantastic on the inside, which is the goal of almost all beauty treatments!

So, let’s look at some of the best homemade face masks out there. Don’t just pick one – make them a weekly treat and choose them all!


Natural Face Mask Ideas

Banana Face Masks

When you have bananas, you don’t need Botox! It moisturizes your skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple and smelling absolutely gorgeous. All you need is just the one mashed banana applied evenly to your whole face. Let it sit for 20 minutes, then rinse off with cold water. If you want to go a little more exotic, add two tablespoons of honey and some plain yogurt. The honey acts as a natural remedy for those pimples I mentioned earlier!

Homemade Face Mask Ideas to Make Your Skin Sing -

Vinegar Face Mask

Okay, hear me out. Vinegar has been used on the face for centuries and is just as effective for your skin today as it always has been. You don’t need to use table vinegar, so don’t get mixed up here. Mix apple cider vinegar with water to cleanse the skin and tighten it. It’s better as a cleanser than a face mask, as vinegar has these amazing properties which your skin can benefit from.


Milk Mask

For a really special spa treatment at home, mix a quarter cup of powdered milk with just enough water to make a paste. Apply it to your face in a smooth layer and leave it for 30 minutes. This will give it enough time to set on the surface. Rinse it off with warm water and your face will be left feeling so fresh, plumped up and rejuvenated! 

Homemade Face Mask Ideas to Make Your Skin Sing -

Yogurt Face Mask

Sticking with the dairy theme here, yogurt is known for its healing properties. Plain yogurt is all you need for a 20-minute facial that can make you feel brand new. Make it fancy by adding in orange juice and aloe. Read here all about how yogurt can help you combat feelings of depression. Now, imagine that help seeping into your pores and your senses!


Egg Face Mask

Well known for being excellent for dry skin, an egg is the perfect remedy for skin that feels dull, tired, and a little flaky. Separate the egg and beat the yolks in another bowl and use only the yolk for dry skin healing. If your skin type is oily, then the white is all you need. You can add honey, lemon or orange juice to the white to leave a fragrant scent on your skin and if you have normal skin, use the whole egg together.

Homemade Face Mask Ideas to Make Your Skin Sing -


Your face is constantly exposed to the world, so making a point of looking after the skin on your face is a way to guarantee your own youthfulness and beauty. It’s a wonderful idea to head out to a spa and get massaged and a facial, but if you want to save the time and the money, go organic with what’s in your kitchen. You can really get creative with your choices and invite your girls for a cheap night for a facial party!

– Marsha 💋