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How People Stay Fit and Healthy Around the World

Here in America, we love our yoga, spinning classes, running and low-carb diets as ways to stay fit and healthy, but other countries often do things a bit differently. There are as many different ways to lose weight, stay fit, and maintain good health as there are countries, and that’s good news for you if you aren’t into the kind of activities that are so popular in your own country. If you’re looking for fitness inspiration take a look at the different ways people around the world choose to stay fit.

Fitness Around the World

Cuba – Salsa

If you head to Cuba, you’re a lot less likely to see women pounding the pavements or spinning on a stationary bike in an effort to maintain their figures and get their heart rates up. No, you’re more likely to see them enjoying themselves at a dance class, particularly salsa classes. Dancing is a great way to get a full-body workout, raise the heart rate, and tone the body so it’s an ideal way to get fit if traditional gym-based exercises aren’t for you.

How People Stay Fit and Healthy Around the World -


Malaysia – Juice Blends

Juicing has gained a little traction in the west in recent years, but it isn’t nearly as popular as a way to stay healthy as it is in places like Malaysia and China where a juiced blend consisting of apple, potato, and carrot is used to support a healthy body and maintain weight.

How People Stay Fit and Healthy Around the World -


Turkey – Belly Dancing

Many women in Turkey and the Middle East get a good workout by participating in the classic art of belly dancing. This seductive form of dance can actually be quite taxing, which means that if you do it right, putting all of your energy into each and every move, it can really go a long way to keeping you fit.

How People Stay Fit and Healthy Around the World -


Japan – Eating Until 80% Full

In Japan, particularly on the island of Okinawa, which is known for being home to the oldest population and one of the healthiest on the planet, people practice something known as Hara Hachi bun me, which is basically the practice of eating only until one is 80% full. This helps to prevent weight gain and keep people healthy, especially when combined with a healthy diet high in fish, rice, and vegetables, which is what the Okinawans primarily eat.

How People Stay Fit and Healthy Around the World -


Cambodia – Open-Air Aerobics 

There might be nothing new about aerobics – it’s popular all over the world for its ability to work up a sweat and burn fat fast, but what the Cambodians do that we don’t do so much here in the United States, is take their aerobics classes outdoors, rather than inside in an uninspiring gym. This means that, not only do they get a great workout, but they fill their lungs with fresh air and benefit from the soothing effects of nature. We could really take a page out of their book.

How People Stay Fit and Healthy Around the World -

Hopefully, this has given you some new ideas of how you can workout, lose weight, and increase your general health without resorting to measures you find uninspiring!

– Marsha 💋