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How to Get Your Hair Done Like a VIP with COLOUR!

Going to the salon to get your hair done is a regular treat for some women and an occasional treat for others, like me. That treat has a few drawbacks though, one being time. Going to the salon can be a 3-hour ordeal sometimes and busy women and moms (also like myself) don’t always have time for all that.  Plus, when you’re a natural girl, it can be difficult to find a place that specializes in natural hair and/or has reasonable prices so many women opt to do it themselves at home. But what if you could get your natural hair done by a stylist at home in a reasonable amount of time? That idea might sound too good to be true but I promise you it’s true. COLOUR sees to it!

How to get your hair done like a vip with colour -

If you live in the Atlanta area, you may have heard of COLOUR but in case you haven’t, let me enlighten you! COLOUR is an Atlanta-based, luxury, on-demand, in-home hairstyling service that aims to help women look and feel their best every day. It’s an awesome option for the woman on the go whether you want a look for a special event or just want to get your hair done so you’re not looking crazy in these streets! 😀

Their talented stylists all have to audition on natural African-American textured hair, and they must pass a background check. Can’t have just anyone coming into your home! Plus, they are focused on helping clients achieve and maintain healthy hair and try inspiring new hairstyles.  Their service is professional and convenient. You can think of them like the Olivia Pope of hairstyling…your hair is handled!


I recently thought about straightening my hair but was really hesitant at just the thought of that process. Blow drying, tired arms, a million parts clipped up all over my head. Then I realized it had been way too long since I got a trim and I could only imagine how crazy my ends would look when it was all done. For a minute, I was discouraged but then I opened the COLOUR app on my iPad and booked an appointment!

Booking an appointment is so easy! Just download the iOS app, create your profile, choose the look you want from the menu, select the date and time you want them to come, and just like that, you’re done! On the day of the appointment, you wash your hair 30 minutes to an hour before your stylist is to arrive. This saves on time of the styling appointment. If you’re not comfortable with washing your hair, no worries, the stylist can do it for you. You pay for the service through the app once your hair is done and then you are free to go show off your new do!

How to get your hair done like a vip with colour -
Before – My hair was wet so I tied it back into a bun

I chose to have my hair done on a Sunday just before noon so I could have the rest of the day to go to my kids’ basketball and soccer games. I received a call about an hour before my appointment to confirm and go over what I was having done. About 30 minutes before my appointment, I received a text message stating my stylist was on her way.

My COLOUR stylist’s name was Tori and she arrived right on time with her bag of styling tools and a smile. We went over what I wanted done, a blowout and a trim, and she got right to it as I sat in my dining chair and watched TV.

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She first blow dried my hair with an impressive technique that left my hair so soft and light! I couldn’t believe how great my hair looked and felt after just blow drying! That never happens when I do it myself.

How to get your hair done like a vip with colour -

She then trimmed my raggedy ends, about an inch to inch and a half, and completely revived my layers. I liked that she trimmed my hair while it was straight instead of wet so I could have a more precise cut. I was even more pleased that she didn’t cut too much. I’ve had experiences at salons in the past where stylists get a little too scissor happy.

As a curly girl, I didn’t really want my hair to just be straight so I asked her to create loose waves. I think she used a curling wand to do it…I’m not entirely sure because I was so busy watching TV…but she did a great job and the outcome was fabulous! My hair was light, flowy, and healthy and the only products she used were a serum by L’Oreal and a light hold spray. My makeup was already done so I was selfie-ready!

How to get your hair done like a vip with colour -

From the time Tori came to the time she left, only an hour and a half had gone by. I would never have been able to get my hair straightened, trimmed, and curled like this in that little time at a salon! I felt like a VIP having my own personal hair stylist in my home. It was a great experience! I kept my hair straight for a week, without needing to use heat to touch it up.

How to get your hair done like a vip with colour -

Although I don’t get my hair done regularly, COLOUR is a service I would definitely use again! Knowledgeable and professional stylists, great results, the ability to relax at home while getting my hair done…it’s a busy, introverted, woman’s dream lol!

Right now, there are 6 different styles to choose from on their app that include straight, curly, and wavy styles for long or short hair and they also do flat twists! All styles are priced at a flat fee of $55, which includes an 18% stylist gratuity which is a great price considering they come to you! I know of salons that charge for every little thing they do and for the length of your hair, which can make a visit quite expensive. Colour on-demand, in-home styling service keeps it easy and gets the job done well in a fraction of the time.

How to get your hair done like a vip with colour -

If there’s a style you want that’s not shown in the app, no worries! They can customize your look at your request, including updos, at an additional charge. Just note that they do not do styles that require chemical treatments.

COLOUR is currently available in Atlanta, Ga but they plan to expand this awesome service to women in other major cities around the country such as Washington, D.C., Chicago, and New York. Their press features include Essence, Ebony, Cosmopolitan, local Atlanta news networks,, and more! Visit their website for details and download their free iOS app here to book your first appointment!

– Marsha 💋

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  1. Your hair looked amazing! This is such a super convenient service because, as you stated, a salon visit could take hours. I love the fact that they come to your house and you’re the only client which cuts the time in more than half!

  2. I have to go to a hair dress in order to get my hair colored. I cannot do it for myself EVER – I fear I would mess up my hair SOOOOO badly! I do love the woman I go to as well 🙂 She is a magician!
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  3. That’s awesome! Hopefully they add locs to the menu soon. It turned out beautiful. If I remember correctly you cut your hair a few years ago right? It look great and so healthy. ♥

    1. Locs maybe something they do on a special request! They have a team of stylists who all specialize in natural hair so I would think Locs are included. The last who did my hair has locs.

  4. Your hair is so long and healthy. I swear I thought you were going to get your hair dyed but its an at home service salon experience so thanks for your review and great results.

  5. OMG, I would love this. I wish someone here in Baton Rouge, offer this I would surely be a customer. I have a cousin thinking about moving to Atlanta and if she does I will take advantage of this service. Thanks for sharing…

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