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Ideas for Health and Wellness Goals for 2018

The new year is only a few months away now, and that means you should start planning ahead if you want to have a great one. The fact is, most people don’t plan for these things and then wonder why they haven’t had the best year ever. Yes, there are happy accidents, however, the things that happen in your life are largely up to you, your attitude, how you think, and how you plan! Here are some ideas for health and wellness goals to make for the coming new year:

Start Thinking About Your Goals for 2018

Create A Plan To Get Stronger

What’s wrong with being strong? For some reason, people have this notion that only men can be strong. Women can be strong too! Being strong doesn’t mean you’ll develop muscles like the Hulk. While you definitely will get some more definition, you’ll look more ‘toned’ than anything. Being stronger will help you with basic tasks like carrying shopping bags and mowing the lawn. It also means you’ll live a better quality of life and have a great toned body as you age!

Ideas for Health and Wellness Goals for 2018 -

Get Into A Proper Routine

One problem many people have is getting into a proper routine, so why not make that your goal for the coming new year? Instead of winging it and going to the gym and eating well when you feel like it, make a plan. Get into the routine of exercising in the morning, so it’s out the way and you can’t make any excuses. Meal prep the night before so you don’t have the ‘I don’t have time’ excuse. Once you’re in a routine, it’s tough to get out of it. Good and bad.

Ideas for Health and Wellness Goals for 2018 -

Take More Time To Be Still

Our bodies and brains are usually pretty busy, but this can lead to lots of stress and overwhelm if we’re not careful. As you know, stress is bad for your health and can lead to debilitating events like a stroke. Take more time to be still. Take some deep breaths and focus on them. Call it meditating if you want. You can even use an app to help you out! Just a couple of minutes a day is better than none and it could greatly transform your mind and your life.

Ideas for Health and Wellness Goals for 2018 -

Stay In Touch

For your own mental health, stay in touch with the people close to you. The people we love lift our spirits, and humans need a connection to feel good about themselves. Don’t let yourself lose touch with your loved ones. Give your family and/or friends a call or send a text. You can also schedule time, even if once a month, to get together and catch up.

Ideas for Health and Wellness Goals for 2018 -

Cut Out Bad Habits

Cutting out bad habits is another great goal to have for the coming new year (but if you want success, don’t wait until the new year to implement all of these changes! Start now.) If you don’t cut out smoking, drinking, and any other bad habits you have, you could find yourself sick. You never think it will happen to you until it does, and things only get worse from there. If you’ve ever seen an evac ambulance heading to the scene of an ill person or accident, you’ll know just how scary it can be. Don’t compromise your health and you’ll have more peace of mind.


Develop Yourself

Work on developing yourself more. Read more books and work on things you’d like to change about yourself to better your life. Not your weight or the way you dress – how about being so quick to get upset? Or the fact that you’re not assertive in social situations? Working on your weaknesses will make your life better.

Ideas for Health and Wellness Goals for 2018 -

What will your goals for the new year be?

– Marsha 💋