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Two Keys to Finding the Right Doctor for Your Body

Years ago when I first moved to Atlanta, one of the first things I did was find a general practitioner. At the time, I didn’t know many people to ask for recommendations so I kind of randomly picked one near me out of the list of doctors on the in-network list for my health insurance carrier. I went to her for years but wasn’t completely satisfied, to be honest. However, I kept going because the thought of having to find another doctor just seemed overwhelming. A few years ago, she moved out of state and I was left back at square one. Only this time, I was able to, in a sense, survey people in my area for recommendations and I believe I have found a great one this time!


How to Choose the Right Doctor


Choosing a doctor is one of the hardest health decisions to make. There will be lots of doctors in your local area, all with different benefits, and it will be hard to see which is really the best to go to. Of course, it isn’t always quite as simple as who is best, anyway, because you also have to think about any specific issues you may be looking to have addressed. To help you out with this process, this post will explore some of the key areas you’ll have to consider when you’re making this important choice.



To begin, it’s very important to consider the specialization you’re going to need. Each part of the human body is very complicated, and has its own array of unique and bizarre problems, making it impossible for one person to handle all of it. For example, you wouldn’t want to have anyone other than a GI doctor work on a problem with your digestion. Being their area of expertise, it makes sense that people will usually choose them for these sorts of issues.

Two Keys to Finding the Right Doctor for Your Body -


However, it can sometimes be hard to know exactly what kind of doctor you need to be looking for when you’re suffering from a medical condition. To help you out with this, your regular choice is a referral service that will be able to give you a general checkup, passing you on to someone with the skills to give you further support. This sort of referral system is great as it helps to ensure that you’re always being treated by people you trust.



Once you have an idea of the kind of doctor you’re going to need to see, it’s time to start considering the quality of their work. It can be very hard to compare this sort of professional, since their work will be different for each patient, and all of the details will be kept confidential. Thankfully, most practices and hospitals will keep a range of testimonials from past clients to document their success. This makes it nice and easy to learn what other people think about the options you have before you. You can usually find these testimonials on their website or with a quick Google search.


To choose the right doctor for you, you have to think about these two factors together. While there are a lot of doctors out there that only work on eyes and vision, not all of them will be good at treating those with cataracts. Instead, some will be better at helping those with reading issues, and others will find it easier to support those without any vision at all. You will often find that a doctor will have an area they excel in the most, even if they have a very broad range of education.

Two Keys to Finding the Right Doctor for Your Body -


Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the time you put into your hunt for the right doctor. A lot of people won’t even consider this area to be a challenge and simply opt for the first option that they come across. In reality, though, most people wouldn’t take this approach with their car or home, and the same should be said for your body and your health!

What factors do you consider when choosing a doctor?

– Marsha 💋

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