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The Latest Non-Invasive Fat Removal Technologies

Medical science has come a long way over the last few decades and we’ve seen extraordinary advances in the understanding of human biology. But when it comes to helping people shift their excess weight, it didn’t have many answers. If you wanted to get rid of fat, you had to get lipo, an invasive and unpleasant technique that few people wanted to endure, although some still do.

Recently, however, things are looking a bit more promising. A bunch of new technologies that don’t involve lipo are being developed by scientists to help people finally lose weight and get back to health.

Lose Fat Without Lipo


“Going for an ultrasound” might make you think of going for a scan to see whether your baby is healthy. But soon it could take on a whole new meaning like going to have your fat burned away. Companies have already developed machines that use sound waves to noninvasively dislodge chains of subcutaneous fat and kill them under the skin.

Once the fat cells are dead, they can no longer become engorged, which happens in obesity, and so deposits don’t build up like they normally do if left unchecked. What’s more, the new ultrasound techniques are quick. Rather than spending hundreds of hours in the gym, ultrasound can remove fat from the hips, thighs, and buttocks in under 10 hours.

The Latest Non-Invasive Fat Removal Technologies -

Hormone Boosting Supplements

Changing the body’s hormone balance directly could be dangerous. For instance, the enormous Women’s Health Study which concluded in 2005, found that HRT therapy for postmenopausal women was leading to elevated rates of breast cancer. But now scientists are working on ways to manipulate hormone levels naturally by taking an indirect approach.

Instead of injecting people with the hormones themselves, they’re giving them hormones which regulate the production of desirable hormones, like HGH (human growth hormone). Sermorelin acetate is just such a compound, and it has been shown to have minimal side effects.

But does sermorelin work for weight loss? Apparently so, without forcing the body through a painful period of adjustment. This chemical works by turning the clock back and making the body think that it’s younger, reducing the amount of fat laid down and helping people to burn it off more efficiently. Pretty interesting!

The Latest Non-Invasive Fat Removal Technologies -


This is a technique that I have even considered. Coolsculpting is the practice of freezing fat cells and killing them off. According to technology experts in the field, it’s a highly targeted method which allows practitioners to be incredibly selective in the cells they kill. Fat cells that die are naturally disposed of over the course of several months, posing no threat to the individual undergoing the treatment.

What’s great about the technology is the fact that it’s able to tackle both small and large fat deposits. Not only can it be used on rolls of stomach, but also on double chins and fat under the arms. It takes a while to see results though, like up to 12 weeks. So, this is not for those who prefer to see instant results.

The Latest Non-Invasive Fat Removal Technologies -


Digestive Enzymes

Another promising approach is to inject digestive enzymes which break down fat directly into fat tissue itself. The enzyme helps to shrink pockets of fat and increases the body’s ability to burn it as fuel. Women who underwent the treatment reported increased skin firmness.

So, if you feel like you want to try something in addition to diet and exercise to get rid of excess fat, these are some non-invasive techniques to consider. I think it’s always a great idea to consult your doctor first, talk with specialists who perform these, and do your research so you can make a well-informed decision before committing.

The Latest Non-Invasive Fat Removal Technologies -

– Marsha 💋