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How to Look Younger: 4 Inexpensive Alternatives to Plastic Surgery

When you’re dealing with the effects of aging, it can be tempting to take drastic measures and go under the knife. There are so many plastic surgery procedures these days and the results are astonishing, but so is the price. You’ll end up shelling out thousands for some of these surgeries, which is pretty unrealistic for most of us. That doesn’t mean you have to give up on those touch ups just yet though. Most of these expensive surgical procedures have far cheaper alternatives that you can do yourself at home. Not only is it far less invasive but it’s also way cheaper. Before you make any drastic decisions, consider these alternatives first.

Alternatives to Plastic Surgery

– Cosmetic Peel –

A cosmetic peel is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures at the minute, especially amongst aging celebrities. They’ll use acids to strip away layers of your skin, revealing the much younger looking you underneath. It doesn’t sound too appealing, does it? It’ll also cost you somewhere in the region of $1700 for the privilege. But for around $80 you can get a peel that you can do yourself at home. It uses the same method and boasts the exact same result, but you’ll probably have to apply it more often because the effects won’t last as long.

How to Look Younger: 4 Inexpensive Alternatives to Plastic Surgery -

– Teeth Whitening –

A great smile can shave years off your look and the results you’ll get from a professional teeth whitening are great. However, in recent years the technology in the home kits has been improving massively. It used to be that they didn’t do much of anything at all really and you’d have to go to a dentist to see any significant improvements. Now there are loads of great products out there and plenty of places online to get advice on the best teeth whitening strips for professional results. You can do the whole thing easily at home for a fraction of the price of a professional whitening.

How to Look Younger: 4 Inexpensive Alternatives to Plastic Surgery -

– Fuller Lips –

Botox has long been a favorite of celebrities all over the world. When it’s done right, it can give you great, full looking lips. The effects don’t last long so you’ll have to keep going back to get it redone and when you’re paying that high price every time, it soon becomes unsustainable. For around $40 you can get your own injection kit to administer yourself. You’ve got to be careful with this stuff, there are so many awful examples of botox gone wrong and you don’t want to end up looking like one of them.

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Believe it or not, for around $40 you can get your own injection kit to administer yourself! Obviously, you’ve got to be careful with this stuff. There are so many awful examples of botox gone wrong and you don’t want to end up looking like one of them. This one is definitely for the brave and those with a steady hand.

How to Look Younger: 4 Inexpensive Alternatives to Plastic Surgery -

– Facelift –

A facelift that is done properly will set you back around $8000 at the very least but it isn’t exactly the kind of thing that you want to cut corners on. New technology has given us the non-surgical facelift, which is still pricey at around $500 but it’s far more affordable than the traditional surgery. The way that it works is that you are subjected to small electrical currents that tone the muscle and tighten the skin. It’s fairly similar to an ab toning machine that uses the same method.

How to Look Younger: 4 Inexpensive Alternatives to Plastic Surgery -

Aging is a natural part of life. Some people age better than others just as some people deal with the things that come with aging better than others. Either way, enlisting the help of doctors or any of these cheaper alternatives to look younger is totally a personal choice that is becoming more and more popular.

Have you considered or tried any of these methods to look younger?

– Marsha 💋

18 thoughts on “How to Look Younger: 4 Inexpensive Alternatives to Plastic Surgery

  1. I have tried an at home chemical peel before. However, I haven’t tried or felt like I needed any of the other options yet. I try to just take care of my skin inside and out to slow down the aging process for as long as possible. I still get carded everywhere I go so I guess it is working so far.

    1. I think that’s the best thing to do Victoria. I’m the same way. However, there’s something for everyone. Even people who look perfectly fine (to me) get these things done so might as well save $ in the process!

  2. I never knew lip injections were not considered plastic surgery. Great information for anyone trying to looking younger without getting plastic surgery.

    1. Because they are just injections, it’s not considered a surgical procedure. Plus results are more instant and no recovery time 🙂 There’s something for everyone!

  3. I like the way you have suggested the cheaper options in comparison to the very expensive plastic surgery but how about the normal creams and cosmetics products available in the market named as anti-ageing cream, will those work if you start at right time?

    1. I’m all about offering options that will save money! I use anti-aging products and I think it’s a good idea to start early. But, genetics and life stressors are also factors that can make people look older so there are other options!

  4. Great tips. I’m all for teeth whitening and cosmetic peels. I’m cool on face lifts and botox. What is in that stuff anyway?

  5. Teeth whitening is something we can all benefit from. I am not for invasive surgery but teeth whitening is a good alternative to keep up with youth!

  6. I’ve considered trying a chemical peel before. Not because of aging but because of acne scars. I’ve heard when the new skins comes back the scaring is gone.

  7. I’m always about looking younger! Lol. Teeth have always been a huge thing for me and I am definitely going to look into the teeth whitening! Thanks for the tips

  8. My good black don’t crack! Though the saying is true I think some beauty anti angling methods are required like face peels. Thanks for the tips!! Nice post!!

  9. Woah, I had no idea people could do their own injections at home!! Maybe in that case it would still be good to hire an a nurse who could make a housecall to make sure nothing goes wrong!

  10. I love the alternatives that you shared. I haven’t tried any of these yet. It’s nice to know I have options though. I would definitely try any of these over going under the knife.

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