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Fitness Wars: Man vs Woman – Is One Better Than the Other?

This has been a long-standing war, if you will, and will probably go on for years to come. We, women, know that men like to think they’re better at everything compared to us. Some would argue that this is truer when it comes to sports and exercise. Men like to be dominant in these areas, but over the past few years, there have been some truly inspirational woman athletes leading the way in our fight to be equal in such a physically demanding area. So, this post is to show you why both genders are equally as good at fitness, plus what both can do to make some improvements.

The Differences in Men’s & Women’s Fitness

– Men –

In this day and age, a lot of men are obsessed with going to the gym to lift some heavy weights and get ripped. It tickles me when I walk into the gym and see a guy flexing in the mirror, or walking around with his arms flexed out a little like their muscles are getting in the way of their arms. Most men tend to only do weight training each time they go to the gym. No cardio makes it so much easier for the food they’re pumping into their body to turn into fat. However, too much cardio and they’ll start to lose weight.

Fitness War: Man vs Woman  - Is One Better Than the Other? -

So, overall, men are great for the strength training side of things, but not so good at what they put in their body and how they train cardio wise. So men, if you’re reading this, grab yourself some sneakers, like Brooks mens running shoesand get some cardio into your routine. We’re in a time where everyone wants to get ripped, and that’s what most men seem to go to the gym for. Especially their upper body. But this isn’t always good. A lot of them push their bodies so far that they can really do some damage.

Lifting heavy weights isn’t easy, and lifting just that little bit more, if you’re not careful, can tear and break your muscles. I know someone who tore his bicep badly from lifting weights, so you have got to be careful!

Men also have a tendency to pump their bodies full of all sorts of different medicines and supplements, so much so that they’re again, possibly doing more good than bad.


– Women –

You might think that most women go to the gym to get on the bike, treadmill, or cross trainer for a few minutes while gazing at a TV or looking at themselves in the mirror. Wrong! Lately, more and more women are heading to the gym to tone up and some are even entering the world of bodybuilding. Not necessarily extreme bodybuilding, but sort of a more aggressive toning up approach.

So, we’re now starting to head towards the men’s territory on that front. We’re also great at cardio fitness, just like the stereotype suggests. Women are more focused on losing weight and toning up than men are. This requires a good bit of cardio, and we aren’t afraid to jump on the elliptical for 20 minutes and push ourselves until we’re sweating.

Fitness War: Man vs Woman  - Is One Better Than the Other? -

Women also seem to be better at clean eating than men.  Maybe this is because we tend to be the better cooks? Who knows. But it is a lot easier for a woman to meal prep in a healthier way than a man would. Meals are more varied, and flavors are experimented with a little more. We also don’t shove too many supplements into our diet. Keeping it natural, apart from vitamins and minerals, is better.

What do you like to work on when you go to the gym? Strength training or cardio?


– Marsha 💋


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