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Modern Diet Trends: What to Try & What to Skip

There are a few things that you can rely on pretty consistently: the sun will always rise, dogs will always chase cats, and every so often there will be a whole host of new diet trends that people are swearing by. Of course, anyone who’s tried any fad diets can tell you that trying to figure out which diets are worth your time can be pretty challenging. After all, no one wants to waste their time on diets that aren’t going to work, or worse, actually do their body some damage. In order to help you avoid all of that hassle, here are a list of a few modern diet trends you should definitely skip, and which ones may actually be worth your time.

Modern Diet Trends

Detox Teas – Try

Modern Diet Trends: What to Try & What to Skip -

If you’ve been living under a rock, or simply don’t spend much time on social media, there’s a chance that you have no idea what detox teas are. But if you’ve been on Instagram anytime over the last year then you’ll know that these things are everywhere! Instagram models, actresses and reality stars alike have been promoting this new health craze, but what does it actually do?

Detox teas are designed to help your body deal with the sheer number of toxins that you find yourself coming into contact with throughout the day. They not only help to keep you hydrated but they can speed up your metabolism and even boost your immune system. Of course, there are so many on the market that it can be pretty overwhelming. Check out The Ultimate Guide To Using Detox Tea for more information. Of course, you shouldn’t be using these things as a replacement for any part of your diet, but rather as a supplement to it. My personal favorite detox teas are from the brand Yogi.

Modern Diet Trends: What to Try & What to Skip -


Soup Diets – Skip

Speaking of replacing your diet, one diet trend that you can certainly skip this year is souping. Souping is fundamentally pretty similar to something like a juice cleanse. While it is technically better than a juice cleanse since you’re getting at least a few more nutrients, an ALL soup diet is going to be pretty low in calories and will leave you lacking in a lot of essential nutrients and energy. Not only that, but making soup can be pretty time consuming and many canned soups are so loaded with salt that they won’t do you any good at all. Trust me, you can skip this one.

Modern Diet Trends: What to Try & What to Skip -


The “Lose Your Belly” Diet – Try

The great thing about the Lose Your Belly diet is that it’s as much focused on improving your overall health as it is about helping you lose weight. While many diets are simply designed to help you shed pounds, this diet is about helping to support the incredibly important bacteria in your gut that helps with everything from everyday digestion to weight loss. You’ll find yourself eating a lot of probiotic foods like yogurt and bananas.

Modern Diet Trends: What to Try & What to Skip - SassyCritic.comThe diet trends to try are also great ways to incorporate good habits into a healthy lifestyle. That way, you can do these things over a longer period of time to supplement your overall diet. However, you shouldn’t drink detox teas on a daily basis for prolonged periods. Be sure to read the label thoroughly so you know exactly how to use it correctly.

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Of course, it’s important to remember that not every diet is going to work for you and you should always be aware of what it is that you need from any given diet. You should also talk to your doctor before making any kind of significant lifestyle change.

Have you tried any of these diet trends? If so, what was your experience like?

– Marsha đź’‹