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Nail Services Explained – Which One Will You Choose?

You have an event on the horizon where you need to look your absolute best, you’ve booked your hair appointment and bought a stunning outfit. Next on your list will most likely be to get your nails done. Once you start researching the types of nail services offered at your local salon you may be at risk of becoming a little bamboozled!

In this post, I will try to explain some of the services nail salons offer in layman’s terms so that you can choose a little more confidently if you are new to nail services and/or don’t feel like doing it yourself. These services are great for when you want your nails done for a certain event or just want to treat yourself to a manicure because they don’t require regular visits to the nail salon for upkeep.

Which Nail Service is Right for You?

Basic Manicure

First, your nail technician will apply a cream or lotion to your hands, concentrating on the cuticles. You will then soak your hands in warm water for a few minutes, to allow the creams to work and soften your hands. Your hands will then be dried, followed by shaping of your nails to your preferred length and shape. You will then receive a lovely relaxing hand massage. A basic manicure will include the application of nail polish of your choice. A base coat will be applied first, followed by at least two coats of polish. They usually have a lot of options to choose from or you can bring your own favorite nail color.

Nail Services Explained - Which One Will You Choose? -


Gel Manicure

If you would like your nail polish to last longer, chip-free, you should consider a gel polish or a shellac polish. The polish is set using a UV light. The polish is applied to your own natural nails and can last up to three weeks. But keep in mind, removing gel polish needs to be done by a nail technician to avoid damaging your nails.  I learned this the hard way!

Nail Services Explained - Which One Will You Choose? -


French Manicure

A perfectly applied french manicure always looks classy and sophisticated. A clear light pink or beige polish is applied to the whole nail, then white polish is used for the tips of your nails.

Nail Services Explained - Which One Will You Choose? -


Mirror Manicure

Nails with a mirror finish are guaranteed to make a statement! I love the way it looks! To achieve this look black polish is applied to the whole nail, then mirror powder is applied and sealed with a top coat. The whole process gives your nails a shiny mirror effect. You can choose from a dazzling array of polish types and colors and you can also choose embellishments for accent nails or all nails to really stand out!

Nail Services Explained - Which One Will You Choose? -


Embellishments can be added to your nail design in a variety of ways. Airbrushing allows the nail technician to accurately and quickly add designs to your nails using stencils. 3D designs can be added directly to your nails which can look like works of art! Rhinestones and gems are often added to nail designs, which accentuate and add sparkle.

Nail Services Explained - Which One Will You Choose? -


Artificial Nails

If your natural nails are not what you would like them to be, there’s no need to worry because you can have artificial nails bonded to your own nails. You can have them cut and shaped to any length you like. Stiletto nails are pretty trendy at the moment. For inspiration, you can look online at sites such as MsMee.

Nail Services Explained - Which One Will You Choose? -


With so many different options available you can be really creative with your look. A good nail technician will keep up to date with current trends and developments so you have many looks to play around with! If you choose to do your nails yourself, be sure to check out my tips for a great DIY manicure.

What’s your favorite type of manicure?


– Marsha 💋