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Natural Hair Headband Review & Giveaway!!

Headbands have come a long way and there are some many cute styles for adults now. Let’s be real though, they don’t always work out.  I have tried so many cute ones that either end up being too big, slide off my hair too easily, or just hurts too much behind my ears and gives me a headache every single time. But now, I’ve tried one that doesn’t do any of those things!


Accented Glory is a company owned and operated by a woman named Tonya who has a passion for creating unique and handmade hair accessories. It is a handcrafted fashion accessory brand for women and one of their specialties is natural hair accents. Tonya started this business when she noticed that hair accessories in retail stores cater to a much younger demographic and were not natural hair friendly. Accented Glory offers grown-up hair accents created with materials that minimize damage to textured hair, provide a comfortable wear, and endures natural hair care. 

AccentedGlorypic - headband giveaway

They just launched their Spring 2017 line of headbands and I was lucky enough to receive one! When I got it I loved the look of it instant instantly because I love paisley patterns and the colors are so vibrant. Perfect for the season!

accented glory paisley headband giveaway -

These headbands are made of a ribbon-like material that is nice and smooth. Initially, I was a bit skeptical about it staying put on my head because of the soft texture. It also has an adjustable elastic band at the back. Hello! It’s adjustable! That’s great for me because my head is on the smaller side, despite the size of my five-head 😂, so I was glad to see that I could make it tighter. I always have an issue with headbands being too big so this is a HUGE plus for me!

accented glory paisley headband giveaway -

I have worn my blue paisley headband multiple times now and each time it as been very comfortable to wear and stayed put the whole time. I’ve worn it casually on the weekends and also to work during the week. It comes in different colors so coordinating headbands with outfits is a cinch!

accented glory paisley headband giveaway -

I typically wear my hair down but you can wear these headbands with other hairstyles too, including buns, puffs, braids, etc.


I’m such a fan of this headband and Accented Glory that I’m going to share the love and give away this pretty pink paisley headband to a lucky winner! It’s so easy to enter the giveaway! Just follow these 4 easy steps and you’re in!

  • Follow Accented Glory on Instagram (<– link)
  • Follow me, Sassy Critic, on Instagram (<– link)
  • Like this photo on my Instagram page
  • Comment “Done” on the photo

The winner will be chosen, at random, on Saturday April 1st! Be sure to do all 4 of the steps for a proper entry!

Good luck!

Accented glory logo - headband giveaway -

You can check out Accented Glory’s line of headbands as well as their other hair accessories and jewelry designs on their website!

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  1. The adjustable feature of the headbands got my attention. I follow Tonya of Accented Glory on facebook. She appears to have a lot of integrity when it comes to business.

  2. Hello Marsha, I am crazy to decorate my hair with different hair accessories. As hair style plays an important role when we talk about fashion. All your pictures are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing this blog.

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