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New Year, A Healthy and Happy New You!

We’re going into the New Year very soon so we might as well talk about a new you! Just about everyone makes some kind of New Year’s resolution, but how many people can say they actually stick to them?

Something that is always a top hit for people is changing their lifestyle to a healthy or healthier one, myself included. We live in a world where we’re constantly surrounded by temptations in terms of food, drink and whatever else that may do our bodies more harm than good. So with the New Year so close, we might as well figure out how to transform into a healthy new person.

Better Yourself in the New Year

Face Your Issues

If you know you need to do better in terms of your health, you first need to look at the bigger picture and what might be causing you to live an unhealthy lifestyle. Some people have illnesses that plague their body and stop them from being as active as they should be. One of the biggest ones is obesity, so let’s talk about that. Obviously, this is most often caused by an unhealthy lifestyle to begin with. But there are ways of fixing it. Apart from diet and exercise, gastric surgery and other similar procedures are sometimes one of the first steps people turn to for reducing body weight, but you also need to make sure you’re caring for yourself after the surgery.

New Year, A Healthy New You -

A lot of people experience clotting and issues with their legs. This is where things like Discount Surgical Stockings compression socks can come in handy. They work to prevent any clots and will help to get you on the mend sooner rather than later. You would then need to think about life after the surgery. So many people have such a huge procedure just to go and live the same lifestyle they did before. This can then make them 10x more ill than they were in the beginning. Once you’ve got your issues fixed, keep it that way!


Modify Your Diet

As I said in the beginning, one of the first things to try and fix in the New Year is your diet. It’s going to be hard. There’s always so much in the way of temptations when it comes to junk food and alcohol. But the first thing to do is cut down on the amount of binge eating. We’ve all been there where you open a pack of biscuits, chips, or cookies, and before you know it the whole pack is gone and all we feel is shame and/or guilt. 

Once you’ve managed to drop that feeling, you can start to think about your diet as a whole. Just cutting out 50% of the sugary and processed foods that you eat will rapidly change your image as well as the way you feel in terms of energy level. One of the main reasons why we as humans have such a lack of lust for life or motivation to do things is due to our diet and lack of exercise.

New Year, A Healthy New You -

Replacing sodas with water is a great way to give you that vital bit of energy we need. I have been doing better with this myself. Staying hydrating has so many other health benefits and it improves the quality of your skin!

Healthy choices and changes don’t have to be made all at once. Actually, it’s best to make gradual changes because you’ll stick to them better and they will just naturally become part of your lifestyle. But one thing we should all strive for is to be healthier so that we can live to see and enjoy each new year that life brings us!

What are your health goals for the new year?


– Marsha 💋

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