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Party-Ready Hair in 5 Steps: Straight & Wavy

Are you sick of how long it always takes you to get party-perfect hair? Lots of women spend hours getting ready to go out, and most of that time is spent doing their hair. Does it really have to take so long? You’ll be glad to know that you don’t always have to spend forever prepping your locks. In fact, if you wear your hair straight or wavy and follow these five simple steps, you will have your party-ready hair ready to go at all times!

5 Steps to Party-Ready Hair

1. Wash In The Morning

One of the main reasons women spend so long getting ready for a night out is that they always leave washing their hair until the evening. Rather than waiting and adding on an extra hour or so to your routine, you should wash your hair in the morning. That way, you can then forget about it until the evening. Don’t worry; as long as you carry out the second step, it shouldn’t lose its style through the day!


2. Blow Dry

One of the best ways to ensure a style stays in your hair is to always blow dry it after washing. If you leave it to dry naturally, it can make it much more difficult to style later. But blow drying it smooths out all the strands and ensures that it will do as it’s told once you do get to styling it. Just remember to always use a heat protection product and don’t use the blow dryer on the highest heat setting.

Party-Ready Hair in 5 Steps: Straight & Wavy -

3. Consider DIY Extensions

This step is optional but if your hair is looking slightly limp, don’t worry, there’s an easy way around that. You can tape in hair extensions to give your mane some extra volume and oomph. This is also a great way to give your hair extra length if you feel like changing your style but aren’t too sure what to commit to just yet. You can purchase hair extensions online and get them delivered in less than three days! That’s a great way to prepare for your party hairdo!

Party-Ready Hair in 5 Steps: Straight & Wavy -

4. Eat Right

On the day of a party, it’s important that you are careful about what you eat. Foods that contain high levels of sugar and fat will be full of toxins and these toxins can affect your hair. They could make it get oily quickly and difficult to style. So, make sure that you are careful about all your food choices!

There are some foods that are actually good for your hair and are full of nutrients that can help it look shiny and glossy. These include avocados, salmon, and oatmeal so make sure you eat plenty of these, even on a regular basis.

Party-Ready Hair in 5 Steps: Straight & Wavy -

5. Think Fishtail

Can’t be bothered with trying to put your hair into a delicate style? If that’s the case, you can keep it simple with a chunky fishtail braid. These are relatively easy to do once you’ve practiced and it won’t take too long at all. You can find step by step directions online or do a quick search on YouTube for tutorials like this one. The great thing about fishtail braids is that they always look great no matter what kind of social event you are attending!

Party-Ready Hair in 5 Steps: Straight & Wavy -

If you wear your hair straight or wavy, these five steps can help you go from a messy mane to perfect party-ready hair. And once you get your hair right, you’ll definitely feel like a million bucks out on the dancefloor!

What’s your favorite go-to style for events?

– Marsha 💋