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The Perfect Beauty Guide

Hey gorgeous! I’m back with a perfect beauty guide for you that I’ve co-produced with Rebateszone! We all need a regular regimen of feel-good and look-good practices to take care of ourselves inside and out so that we can be at our best!

Humans have always been in the pursuit of youth and beauty. Some people would argue that true beauty lies only on the inside. While that is true, it never hurts to have a beautiful and acne free skin. Eventually, like everything in this ephemeral world, beauty also fades away. But, then again some people age better than others. Why is that? Is it just genetics or something else? It is true that genetics plays a very important role in how we age and what we look like, but some genes are only triggered if they have the right environmental factors. The simple conclusion is that with some help and care you can actually make yourself look more beautiful.

So, we suggest that you set up a proper beauty routine to set yourself on the path to appear the best that you can. It may seem a daunting path to take if you are unfamiliar with the dictates of beauty products, but we suggest taking a more holistic approach and going au natural. Why do we suggest that? The answer is quite simple. Every day we find that more and more synthetic products are proving to be harmful, with some of them even being declared as carcinogenic. Talc is a big example here. Once considered to be the base for all other products, it is now banned in most countries. You can find the right products using these Groupon Natural products coupons.

But, a holistic approach means more than just using natural beauty products. It means getting enough sleep in your daily routine. Keeping aside a couple of hours for yoga in a busy work week can also do wonders for your health. And a trip to the hair salon or trimming your hair can do the same for your hair.

All these are hard to remember and read through in text form and we understand this. So, we have a plan just for you in the form of an infographic. Go through it and share it if you agree with us!

What do you think? Which of these routines are you going to put into practice first?

28 thoughts on “The Perfect Beauty Guide

    1. Oil pulling is something I’ve been meaning to try too but haven’t gotten to it. I have a few friends who do it and really like the results. I love lemon water myself! Just be careful not to expose your teeth to the acidity too much because it can erode the enamel. Can’t have that!

  1. I think facial care would be the first thing for me to do, followed by the biweekly brow check 🙂 . I tend to start beauty routines and slack off, but l am keeping this one. Thanks!

    1. You’re welcome! I’m glad you found it helpful! I know it’s easy to slack, it happens to me sometimes too. Mainly with hair treatments but the good thing is that our bodies kind of alert us when we are slacking and lets us know what it needs 🙂

  2. I love the infographic! I have a daily and weekly beauty routine but don’t do anything on a monthly basis. These are great ideas. I would consider adding the avocado/honey mask. I typically exfoliate weekly.

  3. I love this graphic! I have a hard time sticking to “routines” I just do what needs to be done when it needs to be done and when i find the time to do it (that is the main part…lol) I get my nails done bi-weekly, drink water daily, get nails done, get waxed every three weeks, get brows done when i can conceal them any, longer, and everything else is per diem…LOL

    1. I totally understand Bijee. It’s difficulty to stick to a routine all the time but I think as long as you do some things, even a little bit on a weekly basis, it still helps, especially when it comes to skin care. But it sounds like you still have some great regular “me-time” practices!

  4. I agree that it’s important to have a beauty regimen. Apart from daily cleaning, I don’t really have a regimen, per se. But I definitely pay attention to my skin and hair. Now that summer is near, I need to start paying more attention to my nails too. And more sleep…definitely need that!

    1. I feel you on needing more sleep Dana! That’s great that you pay attention to your skin & hair. Our bodies will always let us know what it needs.

  5. I will definitely be sharing this. Wonderful tips. I definitely need to get more sleep, restful sleep.

  6. I use oil cleansing and I swear by it. I’ve gotten away from the lemon and water but most def need to get back on it.
    Great guide. I love it!

    1. I don’t think it needs to be too complex Mimi. Actually the more complex it is, the harder it might be to stick to a regimen. I say find some things that work for you and do them on a weekly or bi-weekly basis!

  7. This is a great infographic! It’s pretty similar to my normal beauty routine but I would definitely love to add skin, hair, and nail supplements.


    1. Thanks Allison! Adding skin, hair, and nail treatments to your existing routines would be great. What I like about this kind of thing is that it doesn’t have to be complicated.

    1. Lol Indya! I understand girl. I partake on occasion myself but I LOVE tea. The thing is that alcohol may interrupt your sleep, whereas herbal teas promote relaxation and sleep. So the suggestion here is to limit or eliminate week night alcohol so that you can be well rested for each work day 😀.

  8. This is a great beauty guide, and I love that encourages a lot of natural regimes. I currently have a similar routine, but I definitely will have to try that all natural face mask!

  9. Loved the information, also that you included food intake and not just face packs, will definetly try oil pulling and oil cleansing,

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