Product Review: NYX Double Stacked Mascara

The other day I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and saw a post by NYX inviting people to enter to be chosen to receive an early sample of their new NYX Double Stacked Mascara. I clicked the link, entered my info, and a week later I came home to find a pretty pink package at my front door from NYX!
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Although I was excited to try it, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Inside the box were two tubes: the black one containing the mascara base and top coat, and the short white tube that contains the nylon lash fibers. I typically use Maybelline Falsies Flared mascara because I like the way it elongates my lashes but I’ve never tried one with a multi-step application process to achieve that look.


∞ NYX Double Stacked Mascara Application ∞


First, here’s a look at my bare lashes. They are not very long and the lashes on my right eye are naturally a bit fuller than the left. I should probably start rubbing castor oil on them at night to see if that helps grow more lashes…but I digress.

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Next, I got my tubes ready. The application process was simple. It’s a three-step process. The black tube seems to be regular mascara that is used for steps 1 and 3. The white tube is used for step 2 to add the nylon fibers to the lashes.

NYX Double Stacked Mascara product review -

After coating my lashes with the mascara for step 1, I noticed that this mascara alone elongated my lashes a bit. I was feelin’ that! It went on pretty smoothly and evenly and there was no clumping.

NYX Double Stacked Mascara product review - Step 1 lashes -

I then applied the nylon fibers for step 2, which was very new and very interesting to me. They are white fibers that made me feel like I just brushed lint on my lashes. If you wear contact lenses, like I do, be careful with this step and try not to get it in your eyes. Luckily for me, they stuck to the mascara base and didn’t fall into my eyes but I definitely see the potential for that to happen.

NYX Double Stacked Mascara product review - Step 2 lashes -

For the last step, I re-applied the mascara to seal the fibers in place and that’s when the magic happened! The more I brushed on the mascara, the longer my lashes appeared. I was very pleasantly surprised! In my opinion, the length isn’t quite reflected accurately in the picture. They looked longer in real life lol, but here are two pics to show the end results.

NYX Double Stacked Mascara product review - Step 3 collage -

In the end, there was a little clumping on the ends of some lashes, but not a lot. After using the NYX Double Stacked Mascara a few times I’ve noticed that the more coats I apply, the more clumping I get. But I guess clumping is kind of inevitable if you are applying fibers to your lashes. There will most likely be even more clumping if you apply too much of the fibers in step 2.
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∞ The Verdict ∞


Overall, I really like this mascara. It definitely elongated my lashes a noticeable amount ✅ and made my lashes look fuller ✅ . The clumping is unfortunate ❎ but like I said before, I think it comes with the territory due to the type and texture of the nylon fibers. It’s best to not apply too much to avoid looking like a spider is coming out of your eyes.

I’ve been wearing the NYX Double Stacked Mascara for the last three days now and have been getting consistent results, which is a very important factor for me. I even got a few compliments on the length of my lashes! These results are more noticeable than the Falsies Flared that I use regularly.

Typically, I like to remove the bulk of my makeup with a makeup remover wipe before cleansing but that didn’t do much for this mascara. I found that it is best removed with oil (i.e. coconut oil) and/or a good makeup removing cleanser.

I don’t believe the NYX Double Stacked Mascara is available for purchase on the NYX website yet but it should be very soon. If you don’t see it on their website yet, keep checking back. I’ll update this post when I know it’s available.

UPDATE: This mascara is now available for purchase on the NYX website! I’m not sure if it’s available in stores yet…I haven’t seen it.

NYX Double Stacked Mascara product review - sassycritic.comNYX Double Stacked Mascara product review - Tell me what you think of my results! Would you give this mascara a try?

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  1. Love your eyes! Also the closeups did a great job at showing how well the product works on you! I like NYX products for being affordable while still maintaining quality

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