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The Sassy Critic Guide To Good Sleep Every Night

Health and wellness is something that we all know we need to take seriously. But if you’re like me and have a busy life, it’s not always easy to know how you’re going to get yourself as healthy as possible. But still, we try. From healthy eating and exercising to trying to find the perfect work-life balance, it’s something that we all try to work into our daily routines. But as we do that, there tends to be one thing that we ignore – sleep! Not just a few hours of sleep. I’m talking good quality sleep of at least seven to eight hours per night. When we sleep, our bodies heal and repair. We get our energy when we sleep too. So it’s important that you get enough of it. If you’re always lacking in sleep, here’s what you need to do to:

Get More Sleep with These Tips

Set The Atmosphere

Have you ever thought that the reason you’re not getting enough sleep is because your setup just isn’t right? When that’s the case, you want to make sure that you work to create the right atmosphere for yourself. Alongside ensuring that you have a comfortable mattress and that your bedroom is dark enough, you should also consider an earplugs guide that can help you keep things quiet too. With the right atmosphere, you may find it easier to get off to sleep in the first place, which can be the hardest part.

The Sassy Critic Guide To Good Sleep Every Night -

Switch Off In The Evenings

With your setup in place, you then need to think about getting yourself into the right frame of mind in the evenings. If you’re worrying about work or things you need to do around the house, you’re going to find it harder to fall asleep. So, you need to start seeing your evenings as a time to switch off. By resting and relaxing at this time, you’ll make the next step easier.

The Sassy Critic Guide To Good Sleep Every Night -

Wind Down Before Bed

Spending the evening relaxing isn’t always enough to get you ready for sleep. You also need to make sure that you start to de-stress before bed. Being on your electronic devices or watching too much TV will keep your mind active. So you need to wind down. Things like taking a bath and reading or meditating will really help you to get into the sleep frame of mind.

The Sassy Critic Guide To Good Sleep Every Night -

Set Your Sleeping Hours

You then need to make sure you set some sleeping hours. It’s best that these are the same every single day. Setting a bedtime and wake-up time will help your body rest better. So start going to bed at the same time and setting an alarm to get up at the same time. It will help your body to get into a rhythm.

The Sassy Critic Guide To Good Sleep Every Night -

Work Out In The Mornings

Finally, the last thing you can do to help your sleeping patterns is to work out in the mornings. Morning exercise not only helps you prepare for the day ahead, but it will also make you more tired for the evening ahead too. And, of course, that can be essential for sending you off into a good slumber.

– Marsha 💋

2 thoughts on “The Sassy Critic Guide To Good Sleep Every Night

  1. Honestly, I have a problem more with staying awake at night, then going to sleep – LOL!!!! I am always PASSED OUT by 10pm but my husband is wide awake and tries to talk to me but I am legit OUT and I only SORT OF remember saying stuff to him – most likely “I AM SLEEPING” LMFAO!! I wish I knew how to stay up longer, but I am most likely passing out like a champ because I get up really early and I work out every day!

    1. Hey Gigi! I think if you’re falling asleep at 10 every night you don’t need to stay up longer lol! You need your sleep, especially if you have to get up early. Tell hubby to go to bed lol!

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