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Save Money by Making These 4 Beauty Products Yourself

Has enhancing beauty always been this expensive? It seems like with each passing year the price of the products we come to rely on goes up while our salaries remain the same. But, it’s not like we go without. Many of these products help us feel good about ourselves and allow us to leave home with confidence, shutting the door on any insecurities so we can go about our day while looking and feeling fabulous.

While every woman has the right to feel good about themselves and be the best that she can be, the rising price of beauty products and cosmetics can put a serious dent on the household budget. However, what if I told you that you could have some of the exact same products with the exact same benefits (less the fancy and environmentally damaging packaging) at a fraction of the cost by making them yourself?

The notion of making our own beauty products brings with it unfortunate connotations for some. Some of you may be imagining frizzy-haired women grinding turmeric powder into coconut oil to make foundation. We imagine that because our beauty products cost so much, there’s no way that they could be replicated by a handful of natural ingredients.

DIY Beauty


The reality, however, is that homemade beauty products tend to be every bit as effective as their store-bought counterparts. And since the beauty industry seems to be jumping on the “all natural” bandwagon anyway, why not embrace the benefits of nature on your own terms?

Save Money by Making These 4 Beauty Products Yourself -

Hair mask

A great hair mask can feel amazing when applied and leaves your hair amazingly soft and glossy when it’s washed out. The trouble is that they don’t all come cheap. Even budget deep conditioning products can hover around the $20 line. Don’t waste another penny on these. Instead, use a combination of coconut oil and honey for a rich and luxurious feel. The honey is also a natural antibacterial so it’s a win-win!


Coffee scrub

Everyone appreciates a great exfoliant. It can help to scrub away the dirt and dead skin that gets lodged in our pores and leave our skin with a radiant glow. But who needs to spend upwards of $20 on something that can be made practically for free? Especially if you have a coffee machine at home. While you can use ground coffee to make this, used coffee grounds will do just as well. Most coffee shops will let you walk away with as many of theirs as you can handle for free (they also make great compost). Combine the coffee grounds with a little cocoa powder and melted coconut oil and enjoy radiant skin on a shoestring budget.

Save Money by Making These 4 Beauty Products Yourself -


If you’re still paying upwards of $5 for toothpaste, there are far more budget-friendly alternatives for a brighter, whiter smile. Check out this guide to homemade toothpaste recipes. It’s also a real eye-opener to the nasty ingredients that are in most store-bought toothpaste.


Shea butter lotion

This is one of my favorites to make! Everyone knows the smooth feeling of shea butter lotion and the lasting softness that it gives our skin, but there’s no reason to pay as much as $10 for manufactured shea butter products when the butter itself can be purchased raw and used for anything from body lotion to lip balm! Whip some up with a little cocoa butter and coconut oil you’ll look and feel good enough to eat!


Which one of these are you going to try first?

– Marsha 💋

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