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Setting Your Body Up for Success at a Young Age

When you’re young and carefree, you don’t tend to think about the consequences of how you’re treating your body. But over the years as you get older, you start to notice your body changing in ways you never thought you would. The saying ‘a moment on the lips and forever on the hips’ suddenly makes a lot more sense to you.

If you’re a drinker, you’ll begin to notice you don’t recover from hangovers quiet so easily. The stressors of life will have you more run down than you ever imagined. It’s easy to not worry about all the issues of the future when you’re too busy living life. But if you stop for just a minute and try and take a peek into your future, you’ll realize that the actions of your early years will have a huge impact on your quality of life when you get older. This post is going to explore some of the things you can do to improve your outcome.

Start Good Habits at a Young Age

Setting Your Body Up for Success at a Young Age -

Late Teens & Young Adult Years

This is typically the prime time when you do a lot of damage to your body. Around 18 years old is the time of underage drinking, eating too many fatty foods, and for a lot of people experimenting with drugs is a huge part of being a teenager. The short-term issues of this aren’t always so bad. The alcohol may leave you with a headache the next day and the drugs would be out your system in a few days.

Obviously, both carry huge risks of getting hurt or immediate death through overdose or drinking too much. Not necessarily because the alcohol poisons you, but because you’re not as aware of your actions under the influence. This behavior typically goes on until around the ages of 25. You’ll then calm down for a bit, and then probably spike again in your mid 30’s. The food you eat will no doubt taste amazing, and you probably won’t have any repercussions of eating bad until your early 40’s.

Some people, however, are more susceptible to obesity through their diet. If you’re not one of the lucky ones who can eat and eat and not put on a pound, you’ll fall into the other category. This is all well and good in the short term. But in the long term, you’ve already started to cause irreparable damage to your body. If you’re reading this at the young age of 18, all the way through to your late 30’s, take some notes.

Setting Your Body Up for Success at a Young Age -

Drinking and experimenting is part and parcel of your younger years. But you need to limit the amount of binge drinking you’re doing. The effects that binge drinking has on your body compared to casual drinking is huge. Let’s face it, as an underage drinker, it’s rare that you’re going to have the time or need to just have a casual drink. You’re going to be getting plastered on the weekend, every weekend that you can.

But just think about the damage it’s doing to your liver and blood. Nobody’s body is designed to consume the amount of alcohol that is drunk during a binge. Yet so many teenagers do this. If you take it too far and carry it on into your 20’s, you’re putting yourself at higher risks of malnutrition and alcoholic liver disease. You’d be poisoning your body on a weekly basis to the point of either being sick, feeling sick, or getting sick the next day.  Do you really think it’s good for you? If you are of legal drinking age, try to cut it down to once a month and treat your body well with exercise and healthy eating. Drink plenty of water to cleanse your body of all the toxins.

Setting Your Body Up for Success at a Young Age -

The food you eat is just as bad. The long-term health risks of constantly eating fatty, processed, junky foods are worse than alcohol. You’re putting yourself at risk of heart disease, heart attacks, and diabetes. But it’s easy to ignore this when you’re young.

Try to switch up your diet to a healthy one and change the everyday junk food to a once a week treat. You’ll have so much more natural energy and it’ll improve things like the way your skin looks.


Effects On Later Years

The effect of your eating and drinking habits has in your elderly years are huge. All that abuse and little love to your body will have affected so many areas. If you binged on alcohol and drugs, you’re more susceptible to the onset of dementia or other memory loss diseases. You’ll start to lose your independence and may end up having to go into an assisted living facility to get the assistance you need.

Some people don’t go down that path but lose the ability to do routine tasks by themselves due to aches and pains that could have been prevented through better care of their body. It is so common for people to end up in assisted living areas to help them with daily tasks. Sometimes, it’s just the better option. For more information about being cared for in that stage of life, read more about assisted living.

Setting Your Body Up for Success at a Young Age -

If you consumed fatty foods all or most of your life, you’ll most likely have been overweight, or will have even been diagnosed with the dreaded diabetes. Diabetes can be with you for life if you don’t change your unhealthy ways and it has so many severe implications as you get older such as hypoglycemia, and even depression.

Managing your sugar intake as you get older does get a lot harder. Both of these issues can be prevented if a little more care is given to your body. There’s nothing worse than losing your independence as you get older but losing it due to the way you treated your body can be really upsetting.

Setting Your Body Up for Success at a Young Age -

I hope this article has made you think a little more about the consequences of how you treat your body. It’s fine to have fun and enjoy yourself while you’re still young, but just take a little more care in how you treat yourself in order to give yourself a better outcome in the future.

– Marsha 💋