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Skin Issues We Hate & How to Deal With Them

Why can’t skin be soft, smooth and supple all the time? Why can’t it be blemish free? Why does it have to mark and scar so easily? These are all the questions we ask ourselves countless times all through our lives. 

Skin, and how it looks, is so important to us. Our face is exposed all the time and when the weather heats up, a good part of the rest of our body is often exposed. If skin won’t behave itself, is there a way to keep it looking the way we want it to?

Skin Issues We Hate & How to Deal With Them -

The beauty industry certainly believes so. After all, there are thousands of skincare products on the market right now that claim to offer some benefit or improvement to the look of our skin. Most of us have at least half a dozen in our bathroom cupboards! So what are the blemishes we hate the most? Which of these do you worry about most often?

Skin Issues

Acne, spots, and boils…oh my!

Skin infections or blocked pores can cause unsightly lumps and redness. And if there is pus in there too, chances are you want to hide under a rock until it is all healed! These are far more common in the teenage years because hormones are causing extra oil production. The oil blocks the pores and the skin reacts in a healthy way – by swelling up and fighting the invading bacteria! So, in reality, our body is doing us a favor in a not so great looking way. The key is to not pop them because there’s a chance you can cause an infection and it can result in a dark spot that will be even harder to get rid of.



Cellulite can turn up at any time in your life, but it most commonly appears after the age of thirty. Genes play a big part here but you can reduce the cellulite with good circulation. This website discusses the other reasons why the connective tissue between the skin and fat beneath can break down. Those dimpled or bumpy marks can be difficult to get rid. Try increasing your exercise to reduce the risk of it occurring. You may also want to try dry brushing, which is a technique that improves circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid in the body that may also result in a reduction of cellulite.

Skin Issues We Hate & How to Deal With Them -

Age Spots

When the pigment of the skin changes in just a small area, we tend to call that change an age spot. It’s true that damaged from sun exposure can cause the problem. Your skin is a canvas that can reveal lots of health troubles. If you eat too much sugar, you might find your skin tone changes, and you get dark circles around the eyes. And if you don’t exercise, your face can even appear a little puffy from fluid retention. As for age spots? Protect your skin with products suitable for your skin type and age and be smart about sun exposure.



Blackheads are essentially blocked pores. The dirt accumulates, widening the pore, and leaves them looking dark in color. Regular cleansing (twice a day) will lift the dirt and close the pores again. You can also try a facial steam or a blackhead face mask to help.


Stretch Marks

Oh, those lovely stripes. Some moms wear their stretch mark stripes with pride. After all, their bodies have been through remarkable changes to create the beautiful baby they gave birth to. Other people hate their stretch marks. There are many creams to help retain elasticity in the skin to reduce the risk of it happening and some will help fade them.

Skin Issues We Hate & How to Deal With Them -

What’s your skin pet peeve?

– Marsha 💋


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