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Have a Spare Room? Create a Home Gym!

If you’re a fitness buff, just like to stay active or are even a complete beginner with exercise, a home gym will suit you. If you have a spare room in your home, don’t let it accumulate boxes and junk. Invest in your health! There are so many great reasons to set up a home gym. Here are just a few of them:

Benefits of Having a Home Gym


When you’re new to working out, the gym can seem a little daunting. Tons of sculpted individuals using this complicated machinery. If you’re insecure or have just never been it can be enough to put you off. Setting up a home gym instead allows you to work out in peace and comfort without having to feel like anyone is looking at you.

People in gyms aren’t judgemental like you may think. Everyone is there doing their own thing and will be far more concerned with what they’re doing rather than you. But it’s easy to feel conspicuous if you’re a newbie. Even if you’re a seasoned gym goer, sometimes a little privacy is still good. Some will wish there were rules against grunting, for example. You don’t have to worry about that when it’s just you.

Have a Spare Room? Create a Home Gym! -

Avoid Packed Gyms

Gyms can get very busy at peak times. Particularly in the few months following the new year, but even during the year in the after-work hours, you may struggle to get on equipment at times. A very busy gym also isn’t a very relaxed environment for your workout either so if you want to workout but know your local gym will be packed, you could use your home equipment instead.

It doesn’t have to be very fancy: an exercise bike, treadmill, or cross trainer (depending on what you use) is likely to be the biggest investment. Some weights, resistance bands, perhaps a pull-up bar too. These things will allow you to get in a workout and you won’t have to brave the sweaty and crowded gym!

Have a Spare Room? Create a Home Gym! -

Prevent Missed Workouts

Maybe you’ve been running late at work and you want to get a workout in but don’t want to fight traffic to get there. Or you may want a quick workout when you first wake up, or even in the evening but not to the point where you feel like packing up your gym bag and driving there in your car.

You might be limited on time so going to the gym for thirty minutes might not seem worth it but if it’s just a case of hopping on some equipment that’s already in your house, it’s an extra mini workout you would have missed. Add up all of these extra shorter workouts, and you’ll increase your fitness significantly even when you don’t have a whole lot of time to spare.

Have a Spare Room? Create a Home Gym! -

So, to save yourself some time and avoid the things you don’t like about the gym, invest in some equipment and set up a home gym! It can be as simple or fancy as you’d like. Your body will still thank you for it, and you’ll make the most of the space in your home.

What equipment would you like to have in your home gym?

– Marsha 💋