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Taking Care of Your Senses: Eyes, Ears, Mouth, & Nose

Let’s face it. We live in a world that often prioritizes appearance over health and our senses. Therefore, many of us end up focusing more attention on how our body parts look more than whether they are functioning as they should. Despite what mainstream media may tell you, you should prioritize your body’s genuine health over quick fixes that make things appear healthy.

While high-shine shampoos and conditioners may make your hair look glossy, there’s only so much damage that products can cover up. Concealers and foundations can make your skin look radiant and smooth but spots, blemishes, dullness, and dryness will remain when you take it off at night.

Tanning and contouring can help to create the illusion of a toned body, but at the end of the day, your body will stay in the condition based on how you feed and exercise it.

Taking Care of Your Senses: Eyes, Ears, Mouth, & Nose -

While taking pride in your appearance can be a great and productive source of confidence, it is very important that you remember to maintain good bodily health at all stages of life. After all, there are some things that can’t be covered up so easily. Especially, a deterioration of your senses. Each of your senses is linked to a main body part. So, it’s essential that you nurture this area in order to maintain good sensual health throughout your entire adult life.

Here are a few sage pieces of wisdom to bear in mind at all times and ways to incorporate activities that foster healthy senses into your lifestyle.


Don’t Take Your Senses for Granted

Eyes 👀

The eyes are often considered the window to a person’s soul. But more importantly, they are an individual’s means of seeing the world around them. Sight is invaluable and though hundreds of thousands of people do manage to function well without it, it’s always preferable and more beneficial to your well being to have good vision.

This process starts with regular trips to your optician. You should book an eye exam at least once every couple of years, however, do not hesitate to book in between bi-annual appointments if you feel that you have experienced a change in your vision.

Taking Care of Your Senses: Eyes, Ears, Mouth, & Nose -

An eye appointment allows an optometrist to examine the overall health of your eye. They are likely to shine a bright light into your eye and may take a photo using a camera that can highlight the blood vessels and veins within the eye itself. This helps to identify potential underlying medical problems related to the physical health of your eye, such as glaucoma, cataracts and damage to your retina.

They can also identify the warning signs of other bodily diseases, such as diabetes. The optician will also ask you to read from a list of letters on a wall on the opposite side of the room. This will determine the scope of your vision. While many people may have 20/20 vision, it is not uncommon for some people to be near sighted and others to be far sighted. If you are identified as either near or far sighted, the rest of the appointment will be dedicated to finding the right prescription for glasses or contact lenses for you.

Taking Care of Your Senses: Eyes, Ears, Mouth, & Nose -

Whether you opt for glasses or contact lenses, it is essential that you use them as your specialist advises. You may need to wear them at all times, or you may only require them for certain activities, such as reading or driving. Wearing your sight-enhancing glasses or contact lenses as prescribed will prevent further strain on your eyes, helping you to maintain better vision for a longer period of time.

Ears 👂🏼

While TV commercials and public health announcements are constantly reminding us to check all sorts of aspects of our physical health, ears tend to be surprisingly neglected. This may be because fewer people experience problems with their hearing than the numbers who suffer at the expense of dental, sight or nasal problems.

However, your hearing is a gift to be cherished and it is essential that you are aware of how it is functioning at all times. Your ears can become easily damaged by a whole range of activities that people engage in on a daily basis. Whether that’s cleaning your ears (it is highly recommended that you do not place foreign objects in your ear canal, as this can cause damage to your ear drum and other structures within your internal ear), or exposing yourself to excessively loud sounds (i.e. music).

Taking Care of Your Senses: Eyes, Ears, Mouth, & Nose -

The key to maintaining good hearing is choosing prevention over cure. You can remember this easily, as the old saying goes: prevention is better than cure. If you know that you are going to be in an atmosphere with loud sounds, bring ear plugs or headphones with you. If you experience blockages or excess wax in your ears, go to a specialist who can clean them safely. If testing finds evidence of hearing loss, an audiologist will be able to recommend high-quality hearing aids, such as those found at, for those experiencing hearing difficulties.

Mouth 👄

With increasing consumption of sugar through sweet food products, more and more people are experiencing problems with their oral health, such as gum disease and tooth decay. While it is okay to treat yourself to a sugary snack every once in awhile, it is absolutely necessary that you don’t consume excessive amounts of sugar in your diet.

You should also be sure to clean your teeth thoroughly, twice a day, in order to remove plaque and the buildup of bacteria. Flossing is also highly recommended to remove food particles stuck between your teeth. Maintain this routine and visit your dentist  at least once a year and when problems arise. This will ensure that any damage is identified early and can be treated as effectively as possible.

Taking Care of Your Senses: Eyes, Ears, Mouth, & Nose -

Nose 👃🏽

Generally, your nose will pose the least amount of problems to your general well-being. As long as you don’t place any foreign objects up it, you should be good to go. However, your nose is equally prone to injury or disease as other parts of your body. So if you experience an accident or feel pain in the area, check in with your doctor to determine the root cause of the problem.

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If you keep on top of these steps, you should maintain healthy senses for a very long time!

– Marsha 💋