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3 Ways Glasses Can Totally Change Your Life

When most people think of reinventing themselves, they imagine things like getting a new look, starting a new relationship (or ending one),  throwing out their old wardrobe, finally landing a dream job, or moving to a part of the world they’ve been in love with for years. Somehow, getting glasses just doesn’t seem quite as sexy!

Believe it or not, though, there’s every reason to believe that finding an optometrist nearby and getting a good pair of glasses can be just as life-transforming as all that other stuff mentioned earlier. This also applies to those who had good vision most of their lives but found out later that they need corrective lenses due to changes in their vision.

Skeptical? It’s true. Here are a few examples of how:

Benefits of Wearing Glasses

Calm & Confident

If you have poor eyesight that hasn’t been corrected, your default day-to-day life will involve wandering around in the world and never really being able to make out all the details. This can be, and often is, a major source of depression and anxiety in people, though they might not directly realize it at the time.

If you’re walking down the street and see someone a short distance away waving at you, but you can’t make out their face, a bit of panic and anxiety are natural reactions. Who is it? Are they really waving at you? Should you wave back? Is it just a stranger you’d rather avoid?

3 Ways Glasses Can Totally Change Your Life -

The same applies to all kinds of other situations in life where being able to see clearly is essential for active decision making and for feeling secure, safe, and aware in the world at large.

Correcting the sight issue will immediately resolve these problems and give you an immense confidence and mood boost literally overnight.

A Whole New World 

Many activities need a certain level of good eyesight in order to be successful. Sometimes this is a matter of the law — for example, you can’t drive without well-corrected vision.

At other times, however, bad eyesight will simply hold you back from fully enjoying or participating in different activities. Going camping or hiking in a beautiful landscape just isn’t the same if you can only see the area directly in front of you.

3 Ways Glasses Can Totally Change Your Life -

It can even make game night a bit challenging. Playing games that require a high level of attention to detail can also be a problem. Even just keeping an eye on the different outfits you see people wearing out and about for style inspiration can be an issue if you can’t make out the specifics or accessories by sight. You know, all the little details.

A New Fun Accessory

Glasses are an accessory, and having them allows you to accessorize just like you would with jewelry or scarves. You can have several pairs for different occasions, ranging from sexy professional to retro 70’s throwback. You can go with contact lenses for low-key occasions, or wear a smart-looking pair of glasses to a job interview to give a deeper impression of professionalism and intellect.

3 Ways Glasses Can Totally Change Your Life -

Some people get bummed about having to wear glasses. But why? It’s just another part of your look that you get to style up and have fun with!

– Marsha 💋

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