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Top 3 Ways to Take Some Time for Yourself

Running your own business, being an awesome mother to your children, and/or keeping on top of all the cooking, cleaning and laundry to be done can leave you burning the candle at all possible ends, in danger of completely burning out. It’s amazing what this constant grind of work can have on your body and mental well-being. Here are some ways you can get that much needed “me time” and avoid a panicked Google search on “24 hour urgent care near me” when it all just gets to be too much!

Get Your “Me” Time In


This may seem like an extra you don’t need on your already loaded time, however, if you are finding that your energy levels always seem to be lacking and you’re always feeling a bit stressed, taking some time out to get a quick workout in could help to alleviate some of those issues. Getting your blood pumping, those serotonin levels rising, and really working off the stressors of the day could help everything in your life seem a whole lot more manageable. It’s incredibly easy to get overwhelmed, but seeing what your body is capable of in the gym or during a HIIT workout will remind you just how strong and apt you are to take on life.  

Top 3 Ways to Take Some Time for Yourself -

Pamper Yourself

Taking some time just to focus on yourself can really help you feel good about yourself again. With everything you have on your plate, it’s really easy to choose spending time under the covers on your day off over taking the time to paint your nails and tweeze your eyebrows. But, it’s that little excitement at the end of a long week that could prepare you for the next dreaded Monday.

Taking some time on a Sunday evening, once the children have gone to bed and your significant other has resided to his man cave, to pamper yourself from head to toe can remind you just how fabulous you actually are. Treat yourself to an early night in clean sheets and wake up feeling refreshed and glowing from all your self-care the night before, ready for a new week!

Top 3 Ways to Take Some Time for Yourself -

Go Outside

Whether you’re taking a walk with your family or fitting in a quick stroll on your lunch break, taking the time each day to get outside in the fresh air and away from all the technology in your life is so important. Sometimes life and adulting can be extremely intense, so taking in some clean air can help to tackle that overwhelmed feeling and rejuvenate your motivation levels.

Also, taking the opportunity to get some sun – whether it be a warm summer or bright sunny winter day – and getting an extra dose of vitamin D can boost your mood and help stimulate brain function, which helps you feel ready to take on the rest of the day ahead.

Top 3 Ways to Take Some Time for Yourself -

Remember: Wanting to take time off for yourself does not make you a selfish person – it makes you human. It’s impossible to keep on top of everything 24/7 without having a well needed and deserved break once in a while.

I hope this post has given you some ideas on how you can fit some “me time” into your life, and alleviate some of the pressures that daily life throws at you!

 – Marsha 💋