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Two Main Ways to Strengthen Your Whole Body


If you’re going to the gym, chances are you want to strengthen and work out all areas of your body. Have you ever seen those pictures making fun of people skipping leg day? Well, as cruel as it may be to the target, it actually is a thing. People become so obsessed with sculpting one part of their body, they forget about the rest!

It’s recommended that you work muscles in pairs. So for example, arms and upper back, abs and lower back etc. Rotate evenly between the muscles you work and you should be good to go! To help you out, here are two tips for building strength all over your body.

Work That Body

Two Main Ways to Strengthen Your Whole Body -


Everyone always focuses on going to the gym to build strength. After a while, this can become a little repetitive and boring. Classes are the perfect way to mix things up a little. There are many aiming to train different parts of your body. Some aim at training the body as a whole, while others focus on specific areas.

For example, pole fitness is very popular for fun and to get toned. It’s great for building upper body and core strength. It can be extremely hard in the beginning, especially if you’re not used to holding your own weight. You can even get poles installed in your home if you want to make it a home fitness thing.

Two Main Ways to Strengthen Your Whole Body -

The moves are really easy to pick up, it just takes a bit of practice to perfect them. If you’re interested, check out this x pole xpert review and see if you’d like one in your home.

Other classes that are really good for burning fat and toning all muscles is a HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workout. It combines rest and high-intensity intervals to get the most out of your body.

Swimming classes are also excellent for toning. They’re a lot more relaxed and less intense due to the aquatic environment.

Work Those Legs & Glutes

This is what everyone seems to want to be working on. Building a good butt has become a lot of people’s goals this year, but it doesn’t come without hard work. Like with every muscle when you’re trying to build strength, the heavier the weights you lift the more results you’re going to see.

Doing heavier weights with lower reps is the way to build strength. If you’re looking to tone up, lighter weights with more reps will do the trick. This applies to every muscle that you’ll ever work.


Two Main Ways to Strengthen Your Whole Body -


Making sure you’re varying what exercise you do is also going to help. Combining it with a good diet is essential. If you’re fuelling your body with junk food, and processed foods, you’re not going to get the results you want. By lifting the heavier weights you’re really going to be damaging your muscles. They need food that is high in protein to repair them. Combining the food with a protein shake is another way to give your muscles the fuel they need.

There you have it! The best ways to strengthen your whole body to get that nice toned and strong look from head to toe. What’s your favorite strengthing workouts?


– Marsha 💋


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