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Ways to Get Around Your Workout Barriers

For whatever reason, there is a host of barriers that stop people sticking to their workout and being as healthy as can be. These barriers can be mental or physical. But, if you’ve ever let something stop you from working out, then it’s time to start working around those barriers. It’s time to stop letting things stand between you and the best possible version of yourself. Read on to see how! 

Ways to Get Around Your Workout Barriers -

Match Your Workout to Your Goals

First of all, if it is general worries about the workload involved with working out that is stopping you from doing so, then you definitely need to work around that barrier. Yes, working out is physically demanding. Yes, it is time-consuming. And yes, it does involve a lot of attention to detail. But you have to work around these hurdles if you want to be the best version of yourself possible. 

Ways to Get Around Your Workout Barriers -

One way to work around them is by searching for a workout regime that suits your specific workout needs the best. That way you can be sure that the work you are putting in is ultimately working towards your chosen goal. For instance, if your workout goal is to improve your summer bikini body, then take part in a workout regime that works towards this specifically. The Bikini Body Guide — reviews on which can be found here: — is one such regime that could work for you in this case.

When you do find the perfect workout regime for you, whether it be one that works towards the attaining the bikini body look or not, remember that there is no gain without pain.

You Don’t Have to Be a Gym Rat

Once you get past the barrier of actually working out it’s time to start getting over some more specific barriers that may be standing in your way. One such barrier is a general disdain for going to the gym. If going to the gym is something you hate doing, you’re not alone and there is nothing wrong with this.

Ways to Get Around Your Workout Barriers -

Sometimes gyms get packed to a point where it is impossible to get on certain workout machines or even get a go on them at all. And, let’s face it: sometimes there’s a distinct odor of sweat in some areas. Yuck.

But you can’t let this disdain stop you from working out as there are plenty of ways to get fit and healthy outside of the gym. In fact, you don’t even have to leave your home to workout. There are plenty of ways to stay in and exercise, and an effective way to do so is to use the built-in exercise machines that are in your home. One such workout station is your bathtub. Once you draw a nice warm and inviting bath, the side of your tub can be the perfect place to do push-ups and planks on. And the best thing is that you can get to relaxing your muscles right away as you slide right on into the tub!

Ways to Get Around Your Workout Barriers -

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

But if working out at home doesn’t work for you either, then why not take your workout outdoors? There are plenty of fun ways to do so; one of which is to go on a hike. By doing so you will be able to subject your legs to an extensive walk, subjecting them to differing levels of terrains and conditions. Your lungs will also be able to revel in the on-tap fresh air that surrounds you. So, if working out in the gym and working out at home just isn’t for you, then simply step outside!

Ways to Get Around Your Workout Barriers -

Think About the Big Picture

It’s not just about working around barriers, however, it’s about breaking them down completely too. It’s about letting nothing in your life stop you from being as healthy as you can be. Whether it’s a fear of the workload, a dislike for the gym, or not wanting to workout at home,  you simply can’t let these things stand between you and your health and fitness.

Remember, the more you look after your body now, the more it will look after you when you’re older. I’ve had older many clients I’ve worked with in rehabilitation clinics tell me that they wish they had taken better care of their body and overall health earlier in life. So, allowing a barrier to stop you from being healthy could not only impact your current life but also your future life too.

Ways to Get Around Your Workout Barriers -

What do you do to get around the mental or physical challenges to staying healthy? Let me know in the comments!

– Marsha 💋

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