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Ways to Get More Vitamins in Your Diet

We all know that ingesting plenty of vitamins and minerals is good for your health. But it often seems that actually getting that done can be more difficult than it should be. If you’re serious about wanting to have more vitamins on a daily basis, then there are plenty of things you can do. In this post, I am going to point out three of the least-discussed ways of ensuring that you are getting plenty of vitamins. You might be surprised at just how simple this can actually be to do, so it’s definitely worth looking into!



You may know or have heard about the power of supplements, and they are something that’s always going to be an option if you want more vitamins in your diet. The thing about supplements is that it is actually possible to overdo it and have too many, so you need to try and be careful about how many you take. But as long as you don’t go overboard, you should find that it really helps to keep your vitamin levels up, and in an easy and quick way too.

Make sure you are taking a range of vitamins every day, but no more than it states on the package for each. Otherwise, you could ultimately take too many and might cause yourself more harm than good.

Ways to Get More Vitamins in Your Diet -


In addition to tablet supplements, you can also get your hands on different kinds of powders that have the same kind of effect. Many of these powders can be taken orally by putting them in food or in coffee and tea, or sometimes even by applying them to the skin – but check which before using them.

Something like black maca powder is always going to help your body get more vitamins and minerals, so it is definitely worth looking into if you feel that you might be running some kind of a deficiency. As long as you get a good variety using these methods, you are bound to feel much healthier in no time at all.


Spending more time outside is one of the most powerful single ways you can get more vitamin D into your body. Of course, you don’t want to overdo it because you might end up with sunburn or cause more damage than necessary. But it’s generally a good idea to spend a little more time in the sun if you really want to ensure you are getting your vitamin D.

Ways to Get More Vitamins in Your Diet -

You might be surprised at what a difference it really does make, and it’s a difference you’re bound to feel almost immediately. Spend a little more time outdoors, and you will definitely feel a lot better a lot sooner.

– Marsha 💋