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Is Weight Loss Really Necessary for Self-Improvement?

It often seems like the idea of a woman wanting to lose weight is just the default attitude. As if all women automatically want to lose weight and are all just waiting for someone to come along and tell them how to do it. Entire industries have sprung up around this very idea! But that begs the question: is that the way it should be? Should women all over the world be convinced that the only way for them to improve as people is to lose weight? Well, the answer to that is almost certainly no! Here are just a few reasons why weight loss isn’t always worth it:


Is Weight Loss Overrated?

Is Weight Loss Really Necessary -

It May Not Fix the ‘Problem’

A lot of women, and some men too, end up feeling like the only real way for them to be happy is to change the way that they look. They imagine that once they hit their target weight they’ll feel better about themselves and they won’t have to worry about feeling insecure ever again. Well, the truth is that might not be the reality of the situation.

If you feel bad about the way that you look or you lack confidence, there’s a good chance that it’s rooted in something much more personal than your weight. Trying to fix the way that you feel by losing weight can sometimes be like treating the symptoms instead of dealing with the cause.


Too Much Focus on the Outside

The other issue is that if you spend all of your time thinking about how the only important thing is how much you weigh, it makes you forget just how important so many other aspects of yourself really are. I don’t know if you know this but you’re so much more than how you look! You’re a deep, complex person who deserves to be seen for everything that you are. If you’re only able to see yourself for what’s on the outside it’s going to make it that much harder for everyone else around you not to do that.

Is Weight Loss Really Necessary -


It Can Be Dangerous

The one thing that many diet plans will never tell you is that they have the potential to be pretty dangerous a lot of the time. Sudden diets can often have some serious health risks attached to them, but many people want to lose weight so badly that they ignore the warnings of extreme dieting. It shouldn’t matter how desperate you are to lose weight or change the way that you look; nothing is worth putting your health in danger. If you are going to diet then doing it gradually and with the help of a qualified medical professional is the best way to go about it.


If you want to feel better about yourself as a person, then that’s great. But losing weight isn’t the only way to do it. There are plenty of options available to you if you really want to feel better about yourself. Of course, if you do decide to lose weight then that’s your choice and it’s okay! Just make sure your weight loss is for yourself because it’s necessary and not a societal expectation.

– Marsha 💋


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