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Winter is Coming: How to Keep Your Family from Getting Sick

Let’s face it, while snow (in some places) and Christmas are the magical parts of the season, winter is actually a trying time for your health. Colds and flu spread easily around the workplace, schools, and family which can make it a miserable time for everyone. For the most part, it’s difficult to completely avoid colds and other viruses, but there are things you can do to look after your family’s health this winter. Take a look at some top tips on how to make it through the winter season and avoid getting the gift of sickness…

Say No to Getting Sick this Winter

– Practice Better Hygiene –

Colds and viruses spread easily, so it’s important that you do all you can to prevent them from spreading. Antibacterial products are a must-have in your household, and you should encourage everyone to wash their hands regularly. Use antibacterial cleaning products around your home and make sure you take some antibacterial gel or wipes with you when you’re out and about. If you do come down with a cold or another bug, don’t go to work and keep your kids out of school until they’re no longer contagious to help stop others from catching it. Nobody wants your germs! I even send more sanitizing items and tissues to my kids’ school this time of year.

Winter is Coming: How to Keep Your Family from Getting Sick -

– Eat Healthy Foods –

Eating healthily is important throughout the year, but it’s especially important in winter. Foods that are rich in vitamins are important, especially vitamin C for boosting your immunity. With less sunlight during the winter, you should also eat more foods that are rich in vitamin D such as oily fish and egg yolks that can help your health during the winter months. Focus on making home-cooked meals that aren’t packed full of sugar and salt. While I know very well that it’s tempting to overeat during the festive season, try not to overdo it so that you can avoid the dreaded weight gain that happens at this time of year too.

Winter is Coming: How to Keep Your Family from Getting Sick -

– Warm Up with Layers –

Staying warm sounds like common sense in the winter, but many people fail to layer up during the winter season. If you have elderly relatives, make sure that they’re keeping their homes heated and help them identify any sources of a draft that could be leaving their houses cold. Dress kids up warm in a hat, scarf, and gloves, as needed, and give them plenty of layers that they can take off if needed throughout the day. Opt for wearing layers at home too so that your heating bill stays low and to limit the drying effects of central heating.

Winter is Coming: How to Keep Your Family from Getting Sick -

– Book Doctor Appointments –

Winter can be a busy time for doctors and dentists so make sure you get any essential appointments booked as soon as possible. It’s worth making a note of where you can go for emergencies over the festive period, where most practices are likely to be closed for the holidays. Knowing the opening times of emergency dentists like Armstrong & Eshleman, P.A. will mean that you’re prepared should you need any treatment. Self-care is very important at this time of year, so try to treat colds and minor illnesses at home to keep waiting rooms clear for more urgent medical needs.

Winter is Coming: How to Keep Your Family from Getting Sick -

Although looking after your family’s health in winter is important, it’s also important during the rest of the year. They say that the family that stays healthy together, stays happy together, and there are things you can do throughout the year to make you all fitter, healthier and stronger. Put your family’s health first this winter for a fun-filled festive season for everyone to enjoy!

– Marsha 💋


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